How to Order a Cake

Step-by-Step instructions to order a cake online.

  1. Click on [cake menu] and click on your chosen cake flavour to view its available version(s) and pricing. If pricing is not available for the version, it means that the cake does not come in that particular version. E.g. if there is not pricing under Gluten Free, there is no Gluten Free version for this cake.
  2. Select the version that you are looking for e.g. diabetic friendly or gluten free. All our cakes including special versions are all vegan. We do not indicate the cake as vegan version since ALL our cakes are vegan.
  3. You will also see the available cake’s diameter once you have click on the cake flavour you want. Use a ruler to visualise the size of cake to estimate whether the cake size is suitable for your party size.. Alternatively, use our [recommended serving size guide] as a guide to decide which size is best.
  4. Once you have decided on the size e.g. 5.5in Round, 7in Round, 8in Round etc, click on the cake’s pricing link to place an immediate order for the cake. Select or fill up the requested information as per instructed below:
    • Select a size.
  • To change the exterior cream colour of this cake. E.g cover pink colour cream on mud fudge. Input the colour “Pink” in the box. $20 will be added to this cake’s final price once a colour is indicated.
    Picture 9
  • Add wordings on this cake (max 4 words) and number of candles required. Wording request may not be available for certain cakes due to design restrictions.
    Picture 10
  • If you have Nut and Soy allergy, please check on the boxes accordingly. Kindly take note that we are not a 100% gluten-free, nut-free or soy-free kitchen. As much as we try our best to separate production, the product may still contain traces of gluten, soy or nuts. If you have a severe allergy, we do not recommend you to purchase this cake.
  • If this cake is for baby, please let us know too so that we will ensure that all chocolate, nuts, dairy and eggs are excluded from the cake’s ingredients. Please choose flavours only from our baby friendly menu. 
  • Finally, select whether you want this cake to be collected or delivered frozen. Frozen cakes are always recommended to collect or deliver 1 day in advance. Do not choose frozen if you intend to cut on the same day of collection or delivery.
    Picture 12
  • Click “Add to cart” to checkout.Picture 13
  1. You will now be directed to your shopping cart page. If you want to proceed to make payment to confirm this order, click on the button “Proceed to Checkout”

    or click on “CHECKOUT” on the menu navigation bar on the top of the screen.   


Checkout to Pay

  1. If you have received a coupon code for a discount from a promotion, kindly enter the code here to be entitled to the promotion.Picture 16
  2. Fill up your personal particulars under Billing Address.
    (If this is a self-collection order) During collection, kindly provide the staff with the actual name used in your Billing information so that we will be able to find your cake easily. E.g. if you did not input your Christian name in this order, please do not use your Christian name during collection as it will cause confusion to the staff.
  3. If you are ordering this cake with less than 5 working days (we are closed every Monday), please call 62822951 during operating hours to enquire if this cake can be done on your specified date before submitting this order. If our kitchen has to rush this cake out for you amidst from their tight baking schedule, an urgent fee of 15% will be requested from you. This amount is calculated based on subtotal amount. If you do not check with our kitchen on whether this cake can be done before submitting this order, any payment made is non-refundable and will be credited for your next purchase online.
  4. Select the collection/delivery time slot.
  5. If you are not the person collecting or receiving the cake, please let us have the recipient’s full contact details.
  6. If you have any specific diet request or allergies, let us have the complete details so that our kitchen will take extra precaution when we bake your order.
  7. For other special requests, please input here. We will try our best to accommodate your special request but they are subjected to availability.
  8. (If this is a delivery order) Delivery man will delivery within the time-slot chosen so you will be required to ensure someone is at the address to receive the cake during the specified time slot. Any return trip to kitchen, re-delivery or last-minute re-route to a different location will incur an additional delivery charge of $25 per location.
  9. Next, select your preference of self-collection or delivery request.
  10. (If this is a delivery order) You will be required to provide full address and contact details of the recipient. Ensure the recipient or yourself is at the delivery address at the time-slot provided to us.
  11. Select the collection/delivery date.
  12. Next, check your cake order summary and select shipping option.
  13. The final amount for payment will show next to “Order Total”. Price stated are in Singapore Dollars.
    Picture 24
  14. Finally, you may select your payment methods e.g. Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment or Payment at Outlet.
  15. Ensure you have read our online ordering Terms and Conditions before proceeding to make payment.
  16. Click on “Place order” to submit order request and make payment accordingly.
    Picture 25All payment made must be done at least 4 days before the date of collection or delivery to confirm this order. Non-payment within 4 days will result in auto-cancellation of order or urgent fee as kitchen will only process paid orders to prevent no-shows.



If you can’t locate the large customised sizes e.g. 10in Square and the flavour (e.g. Mud Fudge), put in a search using the search field on the near bottom of our website.
Search “10in Square Mud Fudge” see example below.
Picture 3

If you experience difficulties in placing an order online through our shopping cart, email us your order to and our sales department will assist you from there.

7 thoughts on “How to Order a Cake

    1. Dear Ruchi,

      If you like a gluten free and eggless cakes for children, a recommended flavour would be our Gluten Free Banana Dulce or Banana White Chocolate.

    1. Hi, you can walk in to our kitchen, 951 Upper Serangoon Road during our operating hour (Tue-Sun 11am-7pm) to place order.

      If it’s a standard birthday cake order (without customised design), you may visit our concept store at Fortune Centre #01-28B to place order.

      Cake collection is only available at 951 Upper Serangoon Road.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know if it is possible to add colours to the cake and will you use a clear box or the normal box?

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