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Pre-order Notice:
• 5 working days notice (close on Monday) is required for online and in-store pre-order.
• Urgent fee of additional 15% on top of cake price applies for order less than 5 working days.
• 2 weeks notice is required for any custom design cakes.

Same Day / Next Day Reservation:
• Applicable only for today’s or tomorrow’s reservation of cakes available in store.
• Do indicate your flavour, size and dietary requirement preference.
• Call Boon Keng store 62822951 during operating hours (Tue-Sun 11am-7.30pm) to check availability and make your reservation. Do note that we are closed every Monday and certain Public Holidays.
• Cake flavours and sizes are subjected to store’s availability.
• Special orders may be subjected to urgent fee of additional 15% on top of cake price should flavours not available in store are insisted. Subjected to chef’s availability and ingredients availability.

*Note: we are not a 100% gluten free and nut free facility.


View our range of Healthier Choice Vegan (no egg & no dairy) Cakes

Diabetes Friendly

View our range of Diabetes Friendly Vegan Cakes

Baby Friendly

View our range of Baby Friendly Vegan Cakes

Gluten Free

View our range of Gluten Free Vegan Cakes

Paleo & Keto

View our range of Vegan Paleo & Keto Friendly Cakes

Customised Design and Recipe

For special design or recipe request.

Dine-in (Tues-Sun, 12nn-7pm)

Having problems ordering with our online system?

Please email order details to to submit your order online instead.

We are sorry if you are facing technical issues with our online shopping system.
In the meantime, please email us at to place your order with us.

Do include the following details:
Name, Mobile, Email, Dietary Requirements (if any),
Date of Collection, Time Slot of Collection (choose either 12nn-4pm or 4pm-8pm)
Delivery Address (if any, additional charges applies)
Order Size & Flavours
Wording on Cake (not applicable to Nutty Ice Cream cake, Red Velvet, Tiramisu, Cheesecakes, Hazelnut Mud Fudge & Durianian)
Number of Candles (big / small)
Payment Method by Paypal or Bank Transfer?

84 thoughts on “Cake Menu

  1. Hi, I’d like to enquire, when you say no dairy means, there’s no dairy product at all right? Cause I’m buying for a friend who is lactose intolerant, hence I wanted to know before I actually ordered anything.

    1. Yes it means dairy free. No dairy products used in our cakes. We have customers with dairy allergy and are able to consume our cakes without reactions.

  2. hi. thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious cake (5.5″ vanilla rainbow cake).. my husband can finally ate his birthday cake in peace due to his lactose intolerance .. really open my world that cake without dairy can taste so good !! will be back for more !!

    1. Our entire bakery is happy that both you and your husband had enjoyed our rainbow cake. Your testimonial have shown us that the hard work we put into R&D and baking such cakes are all worth it. It is happy and understanding customers that kept us going on in this tough environment. 🙂 Please help us spread your good word of our cakes to your friends and family so more can benefit from eating such healthy and good cakes 😀

      Cheers to more!

  3. My niece is turning 6 and she requested for Disney Frozen Princess cake.

    We need it on 14 Jul next monday for our family about 6-7 of us..

    Please let me what you would recommend, the pricing and where and how to collect.

    P.s. my mum is a cancer patient, so no dairy (milk, cream, cheese, butter, etc),no eggs, no sugar,

    1. For customised design cakes, we are unable to do Disney characters as they have copyright and we do not own the right to reproduce it on the cake. However you can consider buying the toys of Frozen and place it on top of the cake before serving. Toys can be reused by the children so it’s not a waste. We can customised the environment design for you e.g.Blue Cream Covered Cake that is suitable for your toy placement.

      For 6 – 7 pax, you can consider our 7in Round Cake (meant for 8 pax).

      To suit your mother’s dietary requirement of no dairy, no eggs and no sugar, you can consider the following flavours:
      Diabetic Friendly Version
      – Mud Fudge
      – Blue Forest
      – Carrot White Chocolate
      – Nutty Ice Cream Cake

      For photos, click on the flavour in the link below. Once you want to order, you may click on the pricing based on the size and version and it will direct you to the order page.

      Do order 5 days in advance to avoid any urgent fees. Custom design cakes require 2 weeks notice.

  4. Hi, I would like a vegetarian cake (no eggs) for my granny’s 70th birthday celebrating on the 8th of Aug 2014. There will be approximately 25 guests. Could you please share ideas and costs. Thanks!

    1. HI Angela

      They will be making a come back with a bang. A few regulars have tried the trial version and are loving it. We will launch it shortly. Please be patient with us.

    1. Hi Rekha, please call 97892309 or walk in Tue-Sun 11am-8pm at Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83, Boon Keng MRT Exit B for cakes.

  5. Interested to make 1 year birthday cake for my little girl next year in January. Is there any designs that I can look at for baby friendly cakes?

  6. Hi, would like to order a cake which is egg less, without nuts and diabetic friendly for 9 people. Please advise me the flavours avaliable and the size to order. Thank you very much!

    1. Dear Angeline,

      ALL our cakes are eggless and dairy free by default. For nut free cakes, we are able to do so by avoiding the use of nuts in cake decorations. Diabetic friendly version is an upgrade version on top of our eggless and dairy free cakes. So this is also possible.

      For 9 pax, I will suggest 7in Round size.

      Flavour wise, I will suggest our best selling Diabetic Friendly Mud Fudge (best eaten warm) or our Diabetic Friendly Blue Forest.

      Available Cake Size: 5.5in Round | 7in Round | 8in Round | 8in Square | 10in Round | 10in Square | 12in Round | 12in Square | 13in x 15in Rectangular
      (View serving size guide at:

      Cake Flavour:
      (View cake menu at:

  7. Hi, I’m keen to order the rainbow cake but a little concerned abt the coloring used. Are the coloring safe for baby and elderly? Or would you recommend another choice? Many thanks

    1. Hi Geline, thank you for visiting our site. The colouring we used are vegan friendly from plant source. However they are still heavy extracts of colours from plants thus the colours can be achieved when used in cakes. We have some customers who are still not very comfortable looking at coloured cakes eventhough they are vegan friendly. Thus, if colours on cakes makes you uncomfortable, it is advisable to try other cakes 🙂 Mud Fudge is most recommended. Cheers

  8. Tried calling at given number multiple times and left message but no response. do you have any alternate number to reach as I need a cake for tomorrow?

  9. hi,do you have any longevity cake designs for my grandma’s 90th birthday celebration next sunday?the cheapest one can send me the pictures and quote the price?tell me like what flavour will be the ideal cake be?

    1. Dear Maalikka

      Our bakery now are not halal certified but we are in the process of application now. For your information, all our cakes are baked without eggs, dairy and with organic ingredients.

      Delcie’s is a 100% vegan bakery and we are known for not using animal by-products ingredients or alcohol in our bakery as we also serve other religious people who have stricter needs compared to Muslims.

      For your assurance, our head chef is a Muslim.

    1. Thank you for leaving an enquiry on our website.
      May I know which cake are you referring to for the 2 layer cake?

      Do you mean 2 tiers cake like wedding cake or 2 layer sponge cake with a middle cream sandwiched in between?

      And how many serving so we can provide a quote.

    1. For DIY, per class min. size would be 20-25pax.
      Each class is half hour interval.

      Chef Fee:
      20-25pax – S$ 300 (1 hour)
      Every additional hour or 20 kids/adults = S$ 100 additional
      Weekends/public holidays surcharge = S$ 100 additional

      PROPOSAL 1: Fondant Decoration:

      Choose either:
      Mini cupcake + deco material price: SGD5.00 per piece [1.5in (d) x 1in (h)]
      Regular cupcake + deco material price: SGD10.00 per piece [2in (d) x 1.5in (h)]
      Mini Gluten Free cupcake + deco material price: SGD7.00 per piece [1.5in (d) x 1in (h)]

      If individual take away box is required: $1.50 per box
      Workshop outline:
      Learning how to add colour to fondant
      Kneading fondant
      Rolling fondant to cover cupcake
      Making a bear cupcake topper
      Placing on cupcake

      PROPOSAL 2: Swirl Icing Decoration:

      Choose either:
      Mini cupcake + deco material price: SGD2.50 per piece [1.5in (d) x 1in (h)]
      Regular cupcake + deco material price: SGD7.00 per piece [2in (d) x 1.5in (h)]
      Mini Gluten Free cupcake + deco material price: SGD4.00 per piece [1.5in (d) x 1in (h)]
      If individual take away box is required: $1.50 per box
      Workshop outline:

      Handling piping bags
      Piping swirls on cupcakes
      Adding edible decorations (sprinkles) on cupcakes

      PROPOSAL 3: 1 hour – 1.5hours Hands-on Baking Workshop

      *(Ovens required in location)

      Choose either:

      1. Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Baking $100/pax
      2. Lemon Vanilla Cake $150/pax
      If individual take away box is required: $1.50 per box
      Workshop outline:
      Introduction of Healthy Ingredients used in baking
      Replacement of Eggs and Dairy in baking
      Nutritional explanation of ingredients
      Packing of baked products home

  10. Hi I have a friend who is allergic to flour, typically should be rice flour but not sure for others. Are there any suitable cakes from delcie?

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      It would be good for us to understand the types of flour your friend in trying to avoid to prevent us from recommending wrong ingredients. Normally when someone says they cannot take flour, it would refer to wheat. In your case, you meant rice flour. Please advise further on the flours that is not suitable.

  11. Hi Like to check on your cake for baby. Able to do like a customization theme for the gluten and egg free cake? Looking for my boy’s 1st Bday upcoming on Aug that is gluten , egg and peanut free as he’s allergic to those. Looking at something like an Animal Safari / Stitch Birthday cake theme. Are you able to do them? Do let me know if possible and the charges for about (1) About 10 pax size of cake OR (2) for about close to 50 Pax cake size.

    1. Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free (baby friendly) Flavours:
      – Banana Dulce

      NOTE: Our facility is not 100% gluten free or nut free as we do use them in our bakery. We will however be more careful in our handling and processing of your order to exclude the allergens from our process.

      (1) About 10 pax size of cake

      7in Round Cake Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free Flavour – Banana Dulce $135

      2D hand-drawn drawing of animal theme (attached IMG_0985) $70 (leaves will be hand-drawn)
      2D hand-drawn drawing of animal theme (attached 2D Cream Animal Theme) $50

      (2) for about close to 50 Pax cake size.

      10in Square Cake Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free Flavour – Banana Dulce $397.50

      2D hand-drawn drawing of animal theme (attached IMG_0985) $100 (leaves will be hand-drawn)
      2D hand-drawn drawing of animal theme (attached 2D Cream Animal Theme) $80

      I have also attached another safari cake photo we have done using Fondant.

      (1) About 10 pax size of cake

      7in Round Cake Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free Flavour – Banana Cake with vanilla frosting $135

      Cover cake in fondant green $70
      Surface 2D design of leaves $35
      Animal theme plastic toy topper (non-edible) set $60
      1 word Name tag $10

      (2) for about close to 50 Pax cake size.

      10in Square Cake Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free Flavour – Banana Cake with vanilla frosting $397.50

      Cover cake in fondant green $100
      Surface 2D design of leaves $55
      Animal theme plastic toy topper (non-edible) set $60
      1 word Name tag $10

    1. Hi Zhen,
      Mud fudge is a 3 layer cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache and covered with ganache. Whereas, fudge bar is a 1 layer cake with top layer with ganache. If you like chocolate, choose mud fudge.

  12. Hello Delcies, tried to order the sugar-free range of mooncakes but both type are out of stock. Any chance I can pick them up from your store soon? Or are they sold in CBD area? Thanks!

  13. Hi,

    Any way to make a sugar-free 5.5″vanilla rainbow cake ? Know it’s kind of late, but can it be done to be collected on Saturday (24/9 )afternoon ? Thanks.

  14. Hi, im planning for a baby full month gifts to guest. But i need only 3 boxes of vegan muffin and cakes. Is it possible for me to order?

    1. While we have muffins daily in our store, 3 boxes of them is not an issue which you can pick them up.

      Also, our smallest cake is 5.5in round, and they are also available daily in store.

      You may visit to view.

      For most self stable (can restrain heat for longer hours) will be our Mud Fudge cake.

      We are closed on Mondays. Open Tue-Sun 11am-7.30pm.

      If you like to preorder, you can let me know the combination of cake and muffins you like in the 3 boxes and we can make pre-arrangment for you.

      Payment in advance will be required to confirm order and 5 days notice is required for preorder.

  15. Hi
    I would like to check can your customise vanilla cream cake but TOP n bottom no fruit for birthday day cake
    Please quote me price for 1kg n provide photo if you have

    1. Yes, you can opt for collection 1 day earlier. We normally suggest to collect Frozen if you are collecting 1 day in advance. You may simply keep your cake in the fridge compartment (no freezer) when you return home for next day freshness.

  16. Hi… is your mud fudge cake sitable for people with gestation diabetes?
    As you are closed on 1 Jan 2017 and is it advisable to order a frozen cake for collection on the eve of new year?
    Need it be stored in the freezer compartment for next day consumption….As we may not have the space for storage. Can we store the frozen mud fudge cake in the lower section of the fridge instead of the freezer? Will the cake melt? Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Felicia,

      Please select your Mud Fudge from the DIABETIC FRIENDLY MENU. Yes, it is suitable for people with diabetes.

      We are closed on 1st Jan and you may need to opt for collection on 31st Dec with a frozen cake option. You can keep the cake in your lower section of fridge instead of the freezer upon reaching home. This cake is best eaten warm and can be warmed up for 20 secs in high heat in microwave (slices).

  17. Hi,

    Do you customise 90th Birthday Longevity cakes which is suitable for diabetic? If yes, how much will that cost? Also, when do I have to confirm the order?


  18. Hi
    I am looking for an eggless cny cake for our family’s reunion dinner on 21st of jan which is good for 50 pax as my mom is a vegeterian. Do you have any good designs for us to choose from? Is it possible if we can give you our preferred design incase we cannot choose from your’s? And may I know your pricing for that big cake too pls?
    Urgent reply is badly needed. Thank you very much.

    1. Dear Sandy, as we customised cakes accordingly to your preferred design, please email us your full order details and your prefer design photo for our quote. We do not have a standard template. You may view our facebook album to find our past works.

  19. Hi, I am looking for a rosette ombré cake for baby cake smash. May I know if it’s possible.. Need urgently on 12 th January.. Also the price pls. Thanks

  20. Dear Delcies,

    I am at your webpage trying to place an order for durianian cake but it is stated as out of stock.
    May I know if it will be back in stock soon?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you for your interest in our cake.

      I regret that durian are not in season yet and hence I am not able to advise the actual availability date.

      You may email us again next month to check in. Our chef will check for durians again next month to see if they are suitable.

  21. Hi! I’m hoping to buy a cake that my 1 year old can eat (safely!) at his birthday! Are baby friendly cakes/muffin with sugar and salt and is there any artificial flavoring? Thank!

  22. Hello Delcies!
    I want to purchase a cake for my mum’s birthday and I simply don’t know which cake to choose. She’s a cancer patient so she doesn’t want to consume too much sugar so in looking at some diabetic friendly cakes. Do you have any suggestions as to which cake I should buy? (I’d prefer cakes that can be eaten cold and preferably not chocolate cakes :)) thank you!

    1. Dear Atul,

      Yes we have 2 flavours available for gluten free and dairy free(vegan) cupcakes.

      Molten chocolate
      Banana chocolate

      min order is 14 pieces.

      You may visit our Gluten Free Menu online.

  23. Hi, I read that the diabetic friendly cakes that you have are sugarfree. May I know what ingredients that are used as a healthier substitute for sugar in your cakes?

    I’m planning to buy a cake for my baby’s 1st birthday. So preferably a cake that is very baby friendly and adult friendly (those that are sweet tooth) at the same time. What would you recommend?

    1. Instead of using cane sugar in our baking, we use organic agave to replace sugar. They are mainly suitable for diabetic person based on their lower G.I (glycemic index). However, we do advise everyone to consume in moderation at 1 serving size per time.

      As for baby friendly and diabetic friendly at the same time, there are a few option to consider.

      Do click on Baby-Friendly menu and select only those that mentioned cake is also diabetic friendly e.g. Blue Forest, Carrot Hummingbird, Vanilla Pound

  24. Hi I want to order an eggless cake for my wife on her birthday (25th Jan). Could you suggest the following things?
    1) Do you have delivery service?
    2) What flavours of cake can be made available for pick-up/delivery on 25th Jan?
    3) I saw Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate cake on the menu. Would it be available by then? Can you suggest any of your popular chocolate cakes?
    4) What is the approximate cost for a small cake (1/2kg or 1 kg)?

    1. 1) Do you have delivery service?

      Yes we do, our standard delivery is $25 and youcan choose either 12-4pm or 4-8pm
      specific timing delivery is $35 and requires a minimum of 2 hours timeslot (for example 2-4pm)

      **For 25 Jan it would be too late to guarantee a delivery as our delivery service is outsourced.

      2) What flavours of cake can be made available for pick-up/delivery on 25th Jan?

      For 25 Jan it would be an urgent order ( an urgent fee of 15 % would be incurred) and you have to check with our kitchen (62822951) to see if we are able to do it

      Alternatively you can reserve a cake ( no urgent fee.)) Reservation is for same day or next-day only.and limited to the flavours off our cake shelf.

      3) I saw Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate cake on the menu. Would it be available by then? Can you suggest any of your popular chocolate cakes?

      Again you will have to check with our kitchen for that. Our more popular cakes are mud fudge and blueforest/ our cheesecakes have grown in popularity too.

      4) What is the approximate cost for a small cake (1/2kg or 1 kg)?

      We do not go by weight. We go by diameter. Our cake sizes and prices can be found on our website here:

  25. Hi Just want to know if you do a sugar free new York cheesecake good for 4pax only? I need it by saturday night around 8pm. I Wanted to suprised My husband birthday He Love cheesecake so much but we stop eating it as we on sugar free diet. Hope you Can Help me you Can email me the price of the small cake that i wanted.

    1. Although we do have cheesecakes, I would like to point out that our cheesecakes are eggfree, dairyfree, glutenfree and sugarfree. We will not be able to make you dairy-base cheesecake without sugar as our bakery do not work on dairy to avoid allergen contamination.

      If you however still wish to order our cheesecake, I have spoken to my chef and she will be able to rush bake you a plain new york cheesecake in time for Sat by 7.30pm collection. Our last collection timing is 7.30pm.

      Our smallest size cheesecake is 6in round and it cost $78. Since our minimum preorder period is 5 working days, you will be required to topup 15% urgent fee for this cake if you wish to proceed at such short notice.

      Total: $89.70

      Please advise your mobile number and preferred payment method either via bank transfer or paypal via the email we had sent you.

      I seek for your understanding that full payment is required to confirm this order and we will need your payment confirmation asap for kitchen to recieve a go-ahead once payment is received.

      I look forward to hear from you soon and have a lovely evening ahead.

  26. hi, would like to check how much it would cost for a peppa pig theme cake for around 60 people. perhaps you can send me some similar cakes which you’ve done in the past and i’ll choose accordingly.

    1. Dear Regina,

      Thank you for leaving us an inquiry on our website, however, we are unable to work on copyrighted themes unless you have your own cake toppers. We can only provide you an environment design for your toppers.

      For 60 person especially after a meal, we recommend you to consider a 10in round size, if not a 12in round size.

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