Blue Forest (Vegan, Gluten Free & Diabetes Friendly & Baby Friendly) New Design


Take note that our Blueforest exterior decoration has been updated with effect from 18 Aug 2018.

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Customised Exterior Cream Colour

This is for CREAM cakes only. Design of cake will follow the original cake decoration unless a colour is specified below. If colour is not specify, the default colour with be the original cake colour. E.g. Mud Fudge will be dark chocolate brown, Banana Vanilla will be covered in white cream with yellow rosette. Limited to 1 colour change only.


Limited to 4 words maximum.


Do you need candles?

Nut Allergy

Do you have Nut Allergy?
If yes, we will take extra precaution to reduce the risk of cross contact by using separate equipment, work station, tools designated for nut-free production.

Soy Intolerance

Do you have Soy Intolerance? I understand that this bakery is not a 100% soyfree facility.

Frozen * 

Do you require your cake to be deliver frozen for best freshness? (recommended to collect frozen cake 1 day in advance to store in your fridge overnight for at least 10 hours)
For best experience, remove non-frozen chilled cake from your fridge 1 hour before cake cutting for softer texture cake.


What if cherries is not your favourite berry? Take a walk with me into the blue forest. Fresh cream and whole blueberries sandwiched between vanilla cake. You can definitely get your antioxidant from me. This cake is totally nut-free and chocolate-free.

Height: 3”

Ingredients: Garbanzo bean flour, sorghum flour, fava bean flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, blueberries, brown rice milk (sunflower oil), apple, agave, canola oil, apple cider vinegar, vanilla bean, tapioca starch, rice milk coconut oil, xanthan gum


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