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Diabetic Friendly Cakes

Singapore's first Lab-certified Low G.I. Cakes (glycemic index) 

✔️ Proudly HPB Healthier Bakery Partner since Yr 2011

✔️ Over 14 years of expertly crafting diabetic-friendly pastries and cakes.

✔️ Our products undergo rigorous clinical testing to ensure low G.I., delivering on our diabetic-friendly promise.

✔️ Experience the benefits of Low G.I. food - steady energy, feeling full longer, and curbing unnecessary snacking.

✔️ Thoughtfully sweetened with premium grade stevia extracts, organic apple puree, allulose, organic coconut sugar, and/or organic agave.

✔️ As featured on CNA Talking Point and 狮城有约 (Lion City Tonight).

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Baby Friendly Cakes

Allergen Friendly

✔️ Safe for One-Year-Old Babies and Children

✔️ Trusted by Singapore Health Promotion Board: Healthier Bakery Partner 

✔️ Voted Best Baby Friendly Cakes in Parents World 

✔️ Catering to Allergies: No Egg, No Dairy, No Nuts Added 

✔️ Certified Low G.I. with No Fake Syrup or Honey Added

✔️ Trans-Fat Free & Low Sodium

✔️ A Heart-Healthy Choice: Cholesterol Free 

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Vegan Cakes

Egg-Free & Dairy-Free 🌱
HappyCow's Top Rated Vegan Bakery in Central Singapore

✔️ 100% plant-based from raw ingredients to production environment

✔️ Safe for vegetarian, eggless, dairy free and lactose free diets

✔️ Free from all animal products, including honey, gelatine, egg, and dairy

✔️ No by-products like cow's milk, cheese, yogurt, caseinate, milk solids, or whey proteins.

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Gluten Free Cakes

Gluten Free, Casein Free

Besides no dairy and no eggs, we practice very careful baking to prevent cross-contact of food allergens in our gluten free cakes.

To replace wheat flour in our baking, we use gluten-free whole-grain sorghum flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum. 

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Keto Cakes

Low Carb, No Sugar, High Fat

Delcie’s low carbohydrate and ketogenic cakes are vegan and do not contain any form of animal product, egg or dairy products.

The main source of fat and protein in our ketogenic desserts come from nuts, extra virgin coconut oil and a variety of grain-free flour such as coconut and almond flour.

Our keto desserts are sweetened with high-grade Stevia or/an allulose.

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With our variety of vegan, diabetic-friendly and baby-friendly cakes, we offer urgent, same-day delivery in Singapore too!

Order via our urgent order platform now and we’ll have it delivered to you within the next 2 hours (depends on availability).

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