For the health conscious, cakes are one of the typical foods to avoid, especially when one is on a diet. This is mainly due to the content of an ordinary cake – lots of eggs, butter and sugar. These ingredients are definitely harmful to our bodies because they are high in calories, fats, sugar and cholesterol. This has put people in a dilemma having to choose between their love of cakes and being healthy.

People who are allergic to egg, lactose intolerant or diabetic, have to avoid cakes and even having a slice could have disastrous implications. And there are also those who only consume gluten-free and vegetarian food, due to their beliefs and health conditions.

At delcie’s, we bring joy to these people who have been depriving themselves from indulging in cakes for a very long time. By innovating our own natural cake recipes that do not contain any form of eggs, dairy products, chemicals or egg-aiding agents such as emulsifier, stabiliser, commercial egg-replacer or most commonly used in vegetarian bakery, whey protein. We bring this group of people our amazing cake recipes that change the way they perceive cakes, by introducing to them a new way of indulging good cakes that taste equally sinful in their mouth and guilt-free for their body.

Since our humble beginnings in September 2008, where we started from co-sharing with a bubble tea stall in Bishan block 150, we have evolved from a takeaway store to a healthy bakery in Singapore serving healthy cakes to health-conscious customers.

We have also been featured in the traditional media such as TV, newspaper, magazines, radio as well as in social media star blogger’s blogs who have raved about the goodness of our cakes despite the lack of such “important” ingredients in our cake baking process. We are also the first to be awarded the “Healthier Bakery Award” by Singapore Health Promotion Board in year 2011.

Why spend on a normal cake that brings nothing good to your body when you have Delcie’s now?

View our range of Healthy Cakes and Desserts now!

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To respect SPH copyrights, we will not be showing any articles featuring us in The Straits Times, Wan Bao, Jian Kang Bao, Mind Your Body, The Sunday Times, 8 Days and a few other publications.


2018, Channel 8 Morning Express – Keto Low Carb Cakes feature

2018, Channel 8 News – Keto Low Carb Cakes feature

2018, 958FM – Healthy Cookie Baking Demo

Feb 2019, Clicknetwork – CNY taste test feature

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2013, Feature on Metrotv, Indonesia Jakarta

2012, 26 Aug Featured on Channel 8, Here’s To Health

2011, 23 Dec Featured on Channel News Asia, AMLive

(watch Video here)

2011, 23 June Featured on Channel 8, Show me the Money Season 2 Episode 7

(watch Video here)

2011, 23 March Featured on Channel 5, Same But Different Season 2 Episode 5

2011, 11 March Featured on Suria, Vanilla Season 2 Webisode 11

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  1. Dear Delcie’s,

    This is Mei Ling here. My partners and I are setting up our cafe in August.

    We would like to inquire on your pastry offerings. Do you have a price list with pictures?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Mei Ling

    1. For cakes, we use agave.

      For moon cakes, we use maltitol.

      For Nut Free, Gluten free moon cakes, we use stevia.

  2. Hello! What are your best-selling cake flavours for birthday cakes? 🙂 Trying to choose one for my birthday but they all look so good!

  3. Hello! Just wondering on the ‘Carrot White Chocolate Cake’ It states that it’s only available for diabetic friendly sections. So is it still suitable for Vegan consumers?

    1. Dear Lily, Thanks for loving our cookies. For CNY cookies, they are only available during CNY period. However, on normal days, we have other types of cookies such as chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal cranberry, 5 elements oats, pumpkin cookies, GF chocolate chip cookies and GF coconut almond cookies.

  4. Hello 🙂 Since you’ve mentioned that the store was awarded a halal certificate in 2015, is the certificate still valid till now? It’ll be greatly appreciated if you could attach an image of it too. Thanks for your time!

  5. my friend brought me a piece ( i am hugely egg allergic) and i was deligthed ! my cake life is just beginning at age of 50 thanks to you !
    see you soon and you have a regular fan !

  6. Hi there, I’m thinking of buying some goodies for a Muslim friend. I can verbally tell him it’s Halal, but it might be more reassuring if there is a recognizable symbol or label on the packaging. Is there such a symbol or label, or maybe a separate brochure I can include with the products? Thanks!

    1. Dear Ben, yes we are halal certified. If you wish for more assurance, please make further request during checkout so our team is aware of your dietary requirements.

  7. Do you sell your diabetic cakes in slices? Thought of rewarding myself with a slice of cake, but do not want to travel all the way to your stall only to realize i have to buy a whole cake.

    1. Yes we do, you may call 62822951 during the store’s operating hours to enquire before heading down to our shop.

    1. We were halal certified from yr 2014 till 2017 Dec.

      We did not renew our halal cert in Year 2018 as MUIS need a minimum number of Muslim staff to work in our store. While we do not have the capacity to employ more person since we are already fully staffed, we decided not to proceed with halal renewal for year 2018 altogether because of this one criteria. However, I am pleased to inform you that we still use all halal ingredients and work processes as per our many previous years since 2014.

  8. Hi, I am looking for gluten free cake for my son’s birthday. Please advice if your bakery is halal-certified.
    Thank you.

    1. I regret that we have decided not to renew our halal cert with effect from Year 2018. We still use the same halal ingredients and have not change our menu.

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