Baking for Sensitive Diets

Baking cakes for customers with sensitive stomachs was never easy but over the years, we dedicated ourselves to create tasty treats for you accordingly to your dietary requirements.

Awards & Recognition

Established in 2009, Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes is the first in Singapore to bake and market its healthier cakes. Using mostly organic low-GI plant-based ingredients, the innovative bakery stands out from conventional ones as a pioneer of delectable desserts and cakes for health-conscious consumers and those with diabetes or allergies. What makes the bakery anomalous, is its dedication to creating delicious and nutritious cakes that are egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and cane-sugar free. They are also naturally cholesterol-free and trans-fat free.

Delcie’s wonderful pastry creations make it possible for anyone with a hearty appetite to enjoy cakes and desserts without having to feel guilty.

Over the years, we have garnered a good number of awards and accolades. These recognition is a testament of the hard work and commitment from our bakery to provide excellent quality cakes to customers with specific dietary requirements.

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Reviews & Testimonials

These verified reviews and testimonials are firm affirmation of the trust that our customers and industry peers have in us and our brand over the years.

Thank you for your encouragements that had kept us motivated in baking better and safer products for you!

5 stars delcie review

Ashvin Das

Delcie’s is a great place to get healthy cakes and I have been getting cakes from Delcie’s for the past 10 years. The cakes are really nice but what’s good about delcie’s is their customer service, its prompt efficient and friendly. The owner of the bakery herself is very involved in the business and has personally attended to my needs and questions.

5 stars delcie review

Wen Ning

The vanilla pound that I ordered for my daughter’s birthday was yummy and filling! It was not overly sweet for all families and my one year old girl enjoyed smash the cake part instead of tasting. I will highly recommend for all the parents who’s looking for healthier sweet for Kids.

5 stars delcie review

Lakshanthi Fernando

Amazing cupcakes! I was struggling to find Gestational Diabetes friendly desserts for my baby shower until a friend recommended Delcie’s. They were worth every penny – tasted divine and people couldn’t tell the difference! I’ve been craving them since!!

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Allergen Information

We ensure strictest ingredients management, separate processing, storage, and careful handling to minimise* risk of cross contamination.

low g.i cakes certificate

Low Glycemic (G.I.) Certification

Our diabetes friendly products are certified by Independent Glycemic Index Research Unit as Low G.I.

Nutritional Values

Validating the nutritional values of our products can help our customers make better and more informed decisions.


For the health conscious, cakes are one of the typical foods to avoid, especially when one is on a diet. This is mainly due to the content of an ordinary cake – lots of eggs, butter and sugar. These ingredients are definitely harmful to our bodies because they are high in calories, fats, sugar and cholesterol. This has put people in a dilemma having to choose between their love of cakes and being healthy.

People who are allergic to egg, lactose intolerant or diabetic, have to avoid cakes and even having a slice could have disastrous implications. And there are also those who only consume gluten-free and vegetarian food, due to their beliefs and health conditions.

At Delcie’s, we bring joy to these people who have been depriving themselves from indulging in cakes for a very long time. By innovating our own natural cake recipes that do not contain any form of eggs, chemicals or egg-aiding agents such as emulsifier, stabiliser, commercial egg-replacer or most commonly used in vegetarian bakery, whey protein. We bring this group of people our amazing cake recipes that change the way they perceive cakes, by introducing to them a new way of indulging good cakes that taste equally sinful in their mouth and guilt-free for their body.

Since our humble beginnings in September 2008, where we started from co-sharing with a bubble tea stall in Bishan block 150, we have evolved from a takeaway store to a healthy bakery in Singapore serving healthy cakes to health-conscious customers.

We have also been featured in the traditional media such as TV, newspapers, magazines, radio as well as in social media platforms by Key Opinion Leaders who have raved about the goodness of our cakes despite the lack of such “important” ingredients in our cake baking process. We are also the first to be awarded the “Healthier Bakery Award” by Singapore Health Promotion Board in year 2011.

Why spend on a normal cake that brings nothing good to your body when you have Delcie’s now?

Brand Promise

Dedicated to Empower Knowledge in Healthy Living and Eating

Excellence Quality and Using Premium Healthy Ingredients

Listen and react positively on Customers’ Valuable Feedbacks

Consistency in creating Healthy and Good Tasting Products

Innovating Research and Development

Endless Possibilities is our belief at heart

Safe for People with Specific Diet Requirements

Our Mission

To continue to lead the revolution of baking healthy cakes in the confectionery industry in Singapore and eventually the world, by baking with love and care for people who appreciate our effort in using healthy ingredients.

We are passionate in motivating and educating people to include healthy alternatives in their diet by changing their perception that healthy food can be tasty and guilt-free.

At Delcie’s, we bake them healthier.

About Chef Delcie

her turning point…

Delcie started baking healthier by substituting regular ingredients with organic ones while her family were on an organic diet due to her mum’s health condition. Shortly after the bakery’s launch, Delcie faced her biggest challenge when doctors put her terminally ill mum, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment, on a strict sugar-free and dairy-free diet nearing her 50th birthday. Her attempt to purchase a sugar-free and dairy-free birthday cake proved fruitless.

When her mum succumbed to cancer not long after, Delcie channeled all her energy into research for even healthier recipes that excluded the use of cane sugar, animal products, chemicals enabling products to be cholesterol-free and trans-fat free as a tribute to her mother and to help others with a sensitive diet.

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