Ingredients We Do NOT use in our cakes:

  • NO Egg: fresh egg, egg substitute, egg white powder, meringue powder
  • NO Dairy: yogurt, cheese, milk, butter, butter milk, milk power, whey protein, caseinate
  • NO Animal By-Product: honey, gelatine, meat
  • NO Alcohol: vanilla essence, preservatives, alcohol

Allergy Friendly Options:

  • Soy-Free: avoid any form of soy products such as soy milk, and soy milk powder
  • Nut-Free: avoid any type of nuts in the cake or as decoration
  • Wheat-Free: avoid any form of possible contaminated gluten or wheat products


  • Should any dairy products are used (Eggless pineapple tart/ball), these products are produced in a separate facility out of our main dairy-free kitchen.
  • Our product may contain sugar, nuts, wheat, and soy unless specify.
  • Do check with our staff the ingredient content to ensure your safe indulgence.
  • We are NOT a 100% nut/gluten/wheat free/soy free facility and cross-contact may happen during production.
  • We will however be extra careful in handling and use separate utensils during preparation if allergy(s) request is made known to us.
  • While we aim to provide allergy-friendly request accordingly to your dietary requirement, we seek for your understanding that we can help to minimise the risk of cross contact but we cannot eliminate this risk entirely.
  • If you have stricter requirements that require a 100% risk-free environment, we will advise you to not order a cake with us.


Hi,I’m looking for a birthday cake with gluten free,dairy free,eggless and soy less for my Daughter who has severe allergy to the ingredient mentioned. May I know what cake option you have and what is the price? Birthday month in October

Dear Daphne,

All of our cakes are dairy free and eggless i.e. vegan. On top of that, we are able to make cakes gluten free and soy-free. However, do note that we are not a 100% gluten free, soyfree and/or nut free facilty as we still use these ingredients in our daily production. However, we will be extra careful in handling and use separate equipment to minimise risk of cross contact. If this is fine with you, you may choose the following flavours from our vegan and gluten-free menu, then select soy-free option during checkout:

– Blueforest
– Banana Vanilla
– Vanilla Pound
– (Frozen) Nutty Ice Cream Cakes – chocolate, mixed berry, blueberry or strawberry flavour
– (Eat Warm) Mud Fudge
– (Eat Warm) Banana Fudge

Here is the link to view the above cakes:

Hi, do you use vanilla essence for vanilla flavoured cakes? If yes, are those synthetic ones we find in the market or from the real vanilla beans?

Secondly, do you use vegan strawberry and red food colours?


We use organic vanilla beans or vanilla bean extract in the baking of our cakes.

We use vegan red colouring and vegan strawberries for our strawberry flavoured cakes e.e. nutty ice cream cake and cheesecake.

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