Healthier Bakery Award

Since Year 2011, we are proud to have achieved the Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB), Healthier Bakery Award Certification.

In order for us to obtain this certificate, we have to achieve Health Promotion Board’s strictest criteria for our cakes and desserts. Aside from making sure our cakes are low in calories, low in cholesterol, trans-fat free, low sugar, low sodium and high in fiber; our cakes were also send to HPB for a taste-test to make sure our cakes taste good even after meeting their high health standards.

Healthier Choice Guideline:

  • Fat (g/100g) lower than 22g
  • Trans Fat (g/100g) lower than 0.1g
  • Sodium (mg/100g) lower than 300mg
  • Dietary Fibre (g/100g) higher than 3g
  • Total Sugar (g/100g) lower than 24g
  • % wholegrain more than 25%  (Based on weight of the final product)