To continue to lead the revolution of baking healthy cakes in the confectionary Industry in Singapore and eventually the world by baking with love and care for people who appreciate our effort in using healthy ingredients. Traditional cakes and desserts recipes such as red velvet, mud fudge, marble cake as well as local ones such as pineapple tarts, mooncakes, and durian cakes have all been baked in a healthier way, without their taste being compromised.

At Delcie’s, we bake them healthier.

We are passionate in motivating and educating people to include healthy alternatives in their diet by changing their perception that healthy food can be tasty and guilt-free.

2 thoughts on “Mission

    1. Hi PH. You may look at out menu at http://www.delcies.com/menu

      Depending on what this person cannot eat, you choose the catagory accordingly e.g. no dairy no eggs (choose vegan), no nuts? No soy? No sugar? No wheat?.

      PS Our cakes uses 70%-80% organic ingredients.

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