With smaller family sizes, over the years, clients have always asked us to do mini mooncakes, which were good for them to indulge on their own, or allowed them to try a variety of different flavors when shared amongst a few loved ones.

This year, we hear them and are pleased to launch a combination of three of our favorite local “tong shui”, Asian desserts that bring a wave of comfort and wonderful memories. These familiar tastes is given a gastronomic twist when wrapped in a QQ snow skin mooncake, a facelift from the normal snow skin recipe, specially developed by Delcie’s Desserts team.

The QQ texture of our snow skin is enhanced with the addition of coconut kefir, a superfood concoction of coconut water that has been fermented with kefir grains to our regular snow skin recipe. Known widely as a healing elixir, coconut kefir is packed with multiple strains of gut regulating probiotics, Like dairy kefir, it provides fuel for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. These good bacteria fight potentially harmful bacteria as well as infection. They also help stimulate digestion and boost your immune system. The snow skin recipe is then sweeten with allulose sweetener to balance out the flavors.

This probiotic combination comes with each of these wholesome flavors to naturally enhance your health and wellbeing. 

Mango with Cream Cheese – popular throughout South East Asia, this fruity, sweet and tangy dessert, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants combined with vegan cream cheese brings a beautiful symphony to taste buds.

Taro Sago – A traditional dessert favourite gets a modern lift. Fluffy slow cooked taro with sago provides a melody that is high in antioxidant and an excellent source of dietary fiber

Sweet Potato with Red bean – Wholesome nutritious dessert combo that is rich in beta carotene, nourishing blood, effective at raising vitamin A, dietary fibres and regulating sugar.

Need we say more? Order today for you and your loved ones and eat your way to good health.