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By Delcies

Vegan Keto cakes and Diabetic Friendly cakes in Singapore

Ingredients in making desserts includes common ingredients such as butter, icing and dairy cream, these almost as sinful as it is to consume. As a result, desserts are often on the off limit lists for consumers suffering from pre-existing conditions like diabetes where a small amount of sugar can cause glucose levels to spike and cause undesirable reactions.

By Delcies

Are cake shops considered essential business in Covid-19?

What if we do not have a bakery business continuity plan? Am I too late to work on this? “Better late than never” as we would pat ourselves on our shoulders, to provide some comfort in times like this. We must first understand that tightening measures are required to protect our people and the community we live in. All I can do now, is to keep adding more contingency action plans as we progress and learn from this Covid-19 situation.

By Delcies

Best Baby Friendly Cakes in Singapore

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes“Best Baby-Friendly Cakes” “Healthier Bakes That Mums Can Trust” Celebrate special occasions with healthy, baby-friendlycakes from Delcie’s…