Banana Dulce

A popular baby-friendly classic cake from Delcie’s, I am a vanilla cake sandwiched with generous fresh bananas and white cream. Baby Friendly option to have me doll without walnut and chocolate topping is your choice.

  • Nut Free Version: complimentary
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$10 (5.5inch Round & 7inch Round)
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$15 (8inch Round)
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$20 (8inch Square)

[highlight]To start ordering, click on the price below according to the size and version you want.[/highlight]

Healthier Choice (No Egg, No Dairy, Low Calories, No Trans-fat, No Saturated Fats & No Bad Cholesterol)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice, walnut and gluten (wheat).

Diabetic Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy & No Sugar Added)

*Allergy Info: I contain agave, soy, rice, walnut and gluten (wheat).

  • Not Available.

Gluten Free (No Egg, No Dairy & No Wheat)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, walnut, corn, tapioca, rice, potato, buckwheat.

Baby Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy, No Nuts & No Chocolate)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

  • Refer to Healthier Choice Option + Request for Nut-Free Version. Design will exclude walnut and chocolate topping.
  • Cake will be decorated with yellow cream rosette design.

6 thoughts on “Banana Dulce

  1. Hi,

    Your cakes look scrumptious. I’m ordering for my baby’s first birthday. I’m inviting about 20 guests. How big a cake would u recommend I order?

    1. Hi Gloria

      Thank you for leaving us an enquiry on our website.

      For 20 person, we would recommend a 8in square size $170.

      Should you have other enquiries before ordering, please do not hesitate to write back to us.


  2. Hi, I unable to find this cake under baby cake categories.
    May i know how much will it cost for 5-6 pax serving?

  3. Hello!
    We have about 12 pax for my baby’s upcoming 1st Birthday. Which size would you be able to recommend?
    Also, for the Banana Dulce flavour, are we able to customise the design?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Stacy, we no longer carry this item: Banana Dulce.
      Currently, the closest flavour is Banana Vanilla.

      Just to clarify that Banana Dulce contains fresh banana within cream layers and Banana Vanilla doesn’t contain fresh bananas within layers. Instead the bananas are baked into the sponge for Banana Vanilla. So it’s layers of banana sponge and vanilla cream i.e. Banana Vanilla now.

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