Black Forest

I am a chocolate cake sandwiched with generous juicy black pitted cherries and decorated with chopped dark chocolate pieces. Bite into me and you’ll feel like the white clouds in heaven – light and beautiful in your mouth. Her World and Shape Recommendation.

  • Nut Free Version: complimentary

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Healthier Choice (No Egg, No Dairy, Low Calories, No Trans-fat, No Saturated Fats, No Bad Cholesterol)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

Diabetic Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy and No Sugar Added) – NOT AVAILABLE

*Allergy Info: I contain agave, soy, rice, and gluten (wheat).

  • S$60 [ 5.5inch(d) x 4inch(h) ]
  • S$100 [ 7inch(d) x 4.5inch(h) ]
  • S$130 [ 8inch(d) x 4.5inch(h) ]
  • S$170 [ 8inch(w) x 8inch(l) x 4.5inch(h) ]

Gluten Free (No Egg, No Dairy & No Wheat)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, corn, tapioca, rice, potato, buckwheat.

Baby Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy, No Nuts & No Chocolate)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

  • Not Available.

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