Blue Forest

What if cherries is not your favourite berry? Get your antioxidant from me. With blueberries all round, the cake, the cream and the topping, be prepared to take a walk with me into the blue forest.

  • Nut Free Version: complimentary
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$10 (5.5inch Round & 7inch Round)
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$15 (8inch Round)
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$20 (8inch Square)

[highlight]To start ordering, click on the price below according to the size and version you want.[/highlight]

Healthier Choice (No Egg, No Dairy, Low Calories, No Trans-fat, No Saturated Fats & No Bad Cholesterol)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

Diabetic Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy & No Sugar Added)

*Allergy Info: I contain agave, soy, rice, and gluten (wheat).

Gluten Free (No Egg, No Dairy & No Wheat)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, corn, tapioca, rice, potato, buckwheat.

Baby Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy, No Nuts & No Chocolate)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

  • Refer to Healthier Choice Option.

6 thoughts on “Blue Forest

  1. Hi,

    I want a cake for bb 1 year old birthday celebreation on 7 Jan. when is the latest day I should order?

    And do you have cake for bb?!


    1. Hi Cynthia, we will required 2 weeks notice for any customised design order. If it’s just a baby friendly cake with our standard design, we require 5 working days.

  2. Hi- I would like to order Blue Forest- Diabetic Version for 14th December (morning 8:30 am)- I would also request it to be slightly flatter as it is for toddlers and they tend to eat only small amount of a reasonable portion served to them (due to the thickness of the cake). I am unable to place the order online. Please help

  3. Hi- I would like to check on the price for a customized bear design Blue Forest- Diabetic Version 5.5inch cake for a 1year old birthday.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there, thank you for leaving us an enquire on our website.

      Our quote varies depending on the bear design you want on this cake.

      E.g. For a whole cream covered brown bear face design will cost $70 on top of cake price.
      5.5in round blueforest $60
      Cover whole cake in brown chocolate cream $20
      Bear face design on top surface cake $50

      If it’s 3D round bear head, this flavour is not suitable as it contains fresh whole blueberries inside that cannot hold up 3D custom shapes.

      Do email us at with photos, your mobile number and date of collection for us to check if we have an available deco slot for your order.

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