Durianian (Seasonal Durian Cake)

Will you float towards the smell durian in the air? I am layered with generous D24 fresh durian puree in between 3 layers of vegan eggless and dairy free organic vanilla cake. Once you reveal me from the box, you do what my durian people do – bow down to me and greet me with absolute delight.

  • Nut Free Version: complimentary
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$10 (5.5inch Round & 7inch Round)

Note: Due to design, wording on this cake is not available. Cake must be consumed on the same day as fresh durian is used without added preservatives. Otherwise, please request for Frozen collection For next day consumption.

Healthier Choice (No Egg, No Dairy, Low Calories, No Trans-fat, No Saturated Fats, No Bad Cholesterol)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

Diabetic Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy and No Sugar Added)

*Allergy Info: I contain agave, soy, rice, and gluten (wheat).

  • Not Available.

Gluten Free (No Egg, No Dairy & No Wheat)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, corn, tapioca, rice, potato, buckwheat.

  • Not Available.

Baby Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy, No Nuts & No Chocolate)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat).

  • Not Available.

6 thoughts on “Durianian (Seasonal Durian Cake)

    1. Dear Dressy

      Sorry that this item is not found in our shopping cart as it is a seasonal product. May I know when do you need this so we can check with kitchen first. Kindly email in to order@delciesdesserts.com for our sales person to follow up on your enquiry.

      Thank you.

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