banana walnut

14 cupcakes per box set [ 2.5inch(d) x 2.5inch(h) per piece ]

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Molten Choc

Cleo Recommendation. Dark chocolate cupcake with ganache filling. Warm it for intense melted chocolate taste.


Blueberry cupcake with blueberry topping


Carrot cupcake with vegan white chocolate frosting

Mixed Fruit

Classic mixed fruit cupcakes

Red Velvet

Crimson red cupcake with vegan white chocolate frosting

Banana with Walnut topping (shown above)

Banana cupcake with white cream with agave walnut topping

Durian Cupcake

Can’t get enough of durians? Stuffed with generous fresh D24 durian filling, Bite me and get high. Topped with gold dust.

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