Customised Design Cakes

Add to the occasion with a customised cake made uniquely to your desire. Our in-house artisans are able to work with you on a design and flavour to suit any celebrations.

To ensure we deliver our customers the best quality, all customized cake design requests would require a order lead time of minimum of 2 weeks with full payment to reserve baking and decorating slots. (Confirmation is on first come first serve basis as decorating slots are limited)

For urgent request with less a week’s notice, there is a 15% additional urgent fee charges on top of total cake price.
Free standard delivery for custom order above $300.

Request for a Customised Design

To order your custom design cake, please ensure you have the following information:
1. Name
2. Email
3. Date & day of collection/delivery
4. Time slot of collection/delivery (choose either 12nn-4pm or 4pm-8pm)
5. Preferred self-collection or delivery (delivery address if any)
6. Dietary requirements / allergies
7. Preferred size of cake (refer to our serving guide to choose i.e. 5in Round, 7in Round etc)
8. Preferred flavours (refer to our menu to choose a flavour accordingly to your dietary requirements)
9. Attachment of design image (find something you like on Google)
10. Design brief or sketch (if any)
11. WhatsApp all of the above information to 93636336

NOTE: (If) this is a custom design order, should the base be covered in cream, all 3D fondant parts will be packed separately to avoid slipping or melting due to contact on a wet cream surface during transportation. Customer is required to assemble the fondant toppers onto the cake themselves before serving. Kitchen may also advise separated fondant parts that will be packed separately from main cake should we deem required to avoid slipping or breakage.

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Having Multiple Allergies and Couldn't Find Something On Our Menu?

We understand that finding the perfect cake for your restricted diet may be difficult. If our range of vegan, diabetic friendly, soy-free, nut-free and gluten-free cakes are not able to satisfy your diet requirements, we will be able to provide custom recipe services if you like us to try baking according to your needs.

Trial baking is chargeable at a range between $80-$150 depending on how complex your requirement is. This is mainly used to source, purchase and test baking ingredients that suits your dietary requirements. However we are not able to guarantee success at the end of trial baking. If trial baking is successful, we will quote you separately on the final product upon your confirmation to purchase.

Request for a Customised Recipe

To obtain an accurate quotation for your custom recipe cake, please provide us with the following:
1. Name
2. Mobile number
3. Date, day & time of celebration
4. Preferred self-collection or delivery*
5. Dietary requirements (please provide information of ingredient names that we should avoid using)
6. Preferred size of cake (refer to our serving guide to choose)
7. Preferred flavours (refer to our menu to choose version and flavour)
8. Email all of the above information to

Customise recipe request requires minimum at least 4 weeks notice period with full payment to reserve trial baking slots. (Confirmation is on first come first serve basis as trial baking slots are limited and subjected to approval)

For urgent request less than 3 week notice, there is a 15% additional urgent fee charges on top of total price.

Smash Cakes for the Little One

Looking for a smash cake to add to your child’s one year old celebration and yet be safe enough for baby to consume? Look no further and speak to us on your customization request now!

Our full range of specialized baby friendly cakes are also available for any urgent orders!

Baby Friendly Cakes

Safe for One Year Old Babies

Our cakes are baked using natural, plant-based ingredients free from any form of eggs, dairy, chemicals, or hidden animal by-products, allowing both babies and mothers who are breastfeeding to indulge in them.

Vegan Colouring

At Delcie’s we only use natural, plant based, allergen-free and cruelty free food coloring in our bakes.

No Choking Materials

All ingredients and decorations are 100% digestible for young ones and do not contain chocking hazards.
We will advise if your preferred design contains such potential hazard for babies and provide alternatives solutions.

No Cane Sugar Added

Cane sugar is 100% replaced by incorporating natural sweeteners such as fruits and vegetables.



I have not design in mind. but i looking for a cake for my son 1st birthday. budget of $150 for cake or cup cakes. around 60pax will be attending. may i have some suggestion from you.

I have saw your request. For 60 pax, the smallest cake I can recommend you is 10 in square. The cake alone will cost $255.

The price is excluding any designing fee. You will need a minimum of $335 for a 2D cream design cake. For fondant, it will cost more.

Normally if its a baby birthday and you want your baby to eat the cake, the recommended flavour is either blueberry or banana.

If you are unable to meet the budget, an alternative would be to get a small cake for the baby $45 (dairyfree, eggfree, nutfree, chocolate free) – feed 5-6 adults.

And the balance budget to get mini cupcakes $2.80 each.


I am looking for a small dark chocolate birthday cake for a person who is severely allergic to wheat, diary AND eggs. Is this even possible??? I can’t find any place which produces to such requirements!
Would be so grateful if you could help!


Hi Felicia,
We have experience with baking cakes meant for people who are allergic to wheat, diary AND eggs. Yes, it is possible.

A recommended option will be our Mud Fudge cake – a cake best eaten when it’s warm.

Otherwise, our nutty ice-cream cake range would be another recommended option for you since you do not have nut allergy.


I would like to customize my husband’s birthday cake either a suitcase or laptop.
Total guest will be 20. May I know your charges? Thanks in advance!

We have done a Mac Powerbook cake before.

For 20 pax, it will be recommended to take a 10 in square but 2 layer cake $355 instead of a 3 layer cake $377.50. Price inclusive of design.

Alternatively, if you prefer a smaller cake, you can consider 8in square $220.

This link will give you more pricing breakdown based on the size your choose and the additional designs you might like to add to the cake:

I am looking for a dairy free/baby friendly cake. are you able to customise one in minion design?
pls advise. thank you.

Dear Crystine, yes we have baby friendly cakes that are dairy-free. All our cakes are eggless and dairy free by default.

For customised design, we are able to do any designs you provide us. But as minion is a copyrighted design, we are highly sensitive to this. I will suggest you to purchase the real minion toy or get a cake topper online to place it on the cake yourself. Sorry that we are unable to provide assembling of copyright toys on your cake.

Hi, my daughter is allergy to egg, soy, goat and cow milk dairies. She can only drink rice milk. So think vegan cake is the type to order. Right? We thought chocolate too is under dairy. But saw you have chocolate vegan type. So, is your chocolate cake without dairies for sure? Also, if order ice cream cake, how long it can last before melting? Do u provide cool bag to make it last longer? I need to bring in to JB.

Hi, I am interested to get a 7″ baby friendly carrot cake with white chocolate, but I would like to add a 3D blue color dinosaur fondant on top of the cake, for his dinosaur theme. May I know the price?

Hi I’m Looking for a birthday cake for my 2 year old who is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs and soy. Do you have any cakes that are without the above mentioned?

If your girl is allergic to Wheat, dairy, eggs and soy, you can consider:
GF Blueforest (opt for soyfree)
GF Carrot white Choc (opt for soyfree)
GF Banana Dulce (opt for soyfree)

Hi I am looking for a small cake for my baby 1st birthday so that he baby can enjoy the cake. Do you have any carbs count for the cake ? Roughly how many carbs for 100gram of the cake?

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