Delivery Charges


  • Standard delivery slot $25
    (Tue-Sun, 12nn-3pm, 3pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm)
  • 2-hours slot $35 < Specific 2 hour delivery slot
    (earliest delivery 11am-1pm, last delivery 8pm-10pm)
  • Festive and Public Holiday $35
    (12nn to 3pm – delivery not available on closed Public Holidays)
  • ^COMPLIMENTARY delivery for any online purchase of $180 and above (limited time)
    Complimentary delivery is not applicable to customised design cakes and toppers.

*Complimentary delivery is only applicable for standard $25, 3-hours delivery slots.
For specific 2-hours slot request and Public Holidays, additional charge of $10 is applicable.
^Promotion is not applicable to custom orders.
*Additional charge of $10 to Tuas, Jurong Island (requires permit), Changi Airport, Sentosa or Marina Bay Sands address.
*Any no-show from recipients (not at location to receive items, or wrong address provided) will result in additional charges i.e. waiting charges, return to bakery charges and re-delivery charges.

All special delivery request are subjected to approval by our outsourced delivery company.

Notice For Cancellation, No-Show and Urgent Changes to Delivery

Once payment is made for delivery orders, delivery will be booked immediately with our trusted outsourced delivery partner. As such, full payment will be made to the delivery company to secure your designated date/time slot upon your payment.

Change from delivery to self-collection:
For changes from delivery to to self-collection at any point of time after order is paid, your payment for delivery will be 100% forfeited. To avoid any changes, we would advise you to ensure the intended recipient is at delivery location during your chosen time slot.

If delivery company is unable to locate recipient at the given delivery address and/or is unable to reach recipient on phone upon arrival, item will be return back to the kitchen after a maximum waiting time of 5 mins. Any return trip to the kitchen or change of delivery address due to such situation will result in additional $25 delivery. Should item is returned back to kitchen due to recipient no-show or non-contactable, such re-delivery request will cost $25 (return-trip) + $25 (re-delivery trip) = $50.

Waiting Time at the door:
Should there be a situation that delivery company has to wait for the recipient for more than 5 mins. Additional waiting charges applies at the delivery company’s discretion. Kindly understand that there can be multiple locations that the deliveryman has to fulfill within a certain time slot of the day. Any delay caused by a single customer may result in multiple late deliveries after. This can cause lost of trust and businesses for the delivery company.

Should the original order person is unable to be at the location to receive the item, please provide an alternative recipient name and contact details.

If you are unable to decide on delivery date or time during time of order, please select “Self Collection” option during checkout to avoid non-refundable situation.

Request for Change:
To request for delivery for your self-collection orders, kindly provide us minimum 3 working days notice with full payment made to confirm delivery booking.
Email order changes request ( with full delivery address, date, time slot, recipient name and mobile. Any changes are subjected to approval. Changes notice given to us with less than 3 working days or once product/services has been processed by kitchen, will not be entertained.

Urgent Changes (less than 24 hours notice):
Additional re-processing fee may apply for accepted last minute changes by the kitchen.


  • When do you choose to collect/deliver your cake frozen?
    As we strictly bake to order, we do not use preservatives and mostly without cane-sugar in our baking, we always ensure that cakes are made 1-2 days in advance before the date of collection or delivery. Upon completion of the cake decoration, we would deep-freeze our cakes to ensure maximum nutritional value and freshness of the ingredients to prevent further deterioration. Should you prefer your cake to be delivered frozen, please allow at least one (1) day or at least 8 hours to defrost prior to cake cutting. For ease of convenience, you may request for thawed cake to be delivered or collected in your order form if you need to cut the cake within the next few hours upon collection.
  • How do I defrost (thaw) my frozen cake (5.5in round or 7in round cake sizes)?
    1. 1. To ensure freshness, it is recommended to thaw your cake in the box for 6 to 7 hours in your fridge.
    2. 2. If you are planning to cut your cake the next day, it is recommended to thaw your cake inside the box overnight in your fridge.
    3. 3. Kindly take note that thawing time differs with size of the cake.
    4. 4. If you find that our cake is hard or the fruits are still frozen, this indicates that the cake is not completely thawed. Try cutting the cake into individual slices and leave it at room temperature for 5-10 mins before consuming it again.
    5. 5. For frozen Nutty Ice Cream cakes, it is recommended to slightly thaw these cakes for easier cutting. For berry nutty ice-cream cakes, products can be kept outside at room-temp for 1 hour (sealed in box). For chocolate nutty ice-cream cake, product can be kept outside for 1~2 hours (sealed in box). Our ice-cream cakes do not melt quickly like a regular ice-cream cake.
  • There are chocolate cakes which are recommended to be eaten warm, how do I warm the cake?
    For Mud Fudge and Banana Fudge cake, you may cut them into slices first before putting them heating for 20 seconds on high heat. If you do not own a microwave, you may seal wrap the slices inside a piece of aluminum foil and steam or toast until warmed. Be careful not to exposure the cake directly in the toaster oven as it will dry up the cake instead.
  • How do I store the cake if there are left-over from the party?
    If there are left-over cakes, packed them into air-tight containers, cling wrapped the containers and keep it in the freezer compartment. It will keep well for one (1) week. To thaw, remove the container from the freezer and keep it inside the fridge (chiller) compartment overnight. After thawing, do not return the cake back to the freezer. It must be fully consumed immediately on the same day.
  • How long can your desserts and cakes last upon delivery or self-collection?
    As our cakes do not contain preservatives, they can be stored in the fridge (chiller) compartment for up to 2-3 days, in air-tight container. Please take note that different cakes have different lifespans hence we highly recommended that you consume the cake on the day of collection/delivery.


Gd afternoon,
Can I increase the Mother’s Day Cake to the size that can serve 12 pax ?
What is the cost ?
Does your shop at the Fortune Centre take the walk in order ? [ of course I will collect it from the same place ]

Thank you

i will suggest you to take 2 quantity of the mother’s day cake and put in a special request to place the cakes together to form a rectangular size. this way the cake will be able to serve at least 12pax and since you have purchase 2 qty, $40 will be donated.

hi, have u delivery to sabah??my dad got diabetes,any mooncakes can introduce to me?thanks to b inform me…

Dear Lai,

Please view menu to see the range of flavours we have that is diabetic friendly:

If you do not see a pricing under Diabetic Friendly version, it means that there is no diabetic friendly version for this cake.

If you see a pricing under DF version, it means the cake comes in a diabetic friendly version.

I regret that Rainbow doesn’t come in Diabetic Friendly version.




Dear Justina

Thank you for your interest in our products.

I regret to inform you that mooncakes, a festive product, are only available in the month of September.

We have a type of spiral pastry made using sugarfree pandan paste with almond filling in the middle is sold at $5.80 each. They are packed individually and not in box as per during the festival. However if you purchase more, a handy box can be provided.

As for other sugar free products that is suitable for long flights are muffins $4 per piece or teacake $48 per loaf.

In regards to collection venue, we have moved to Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83 Singapore 330034 (boon keng MRt exit B) and is no longer at fortune center.

Dear Elaine,

5.5in round serves apx 5 person.

For Vesak day delivery, the only available time slot is 12nn-4pm at holiday rate of $35 per location.

Dear Janice,

Depending on what the person cannot eat (do check with the person’s doctor or himself), then I will be able to make appropriate suggestions based on the ingredients he/she should avoid. I regret we are unable to suggest exactly which cake your friend can or cannot eat.

How many people can a 8-inches Square cake feed?

For baby friendly range, what do you use to replace refined sugar in the recipe?

Hi , should I place an order today for Monday’s day.

When will the delivery be ?


Would like to enquire if you do sell eggless cake in slice.

If have, what favour do you have?

Do I need to place order in advance?

Yes we have slices and whole cakes in store during our operating hours Tue-Sun 11am-8pm. For dine-in, it opens from 12nn-7pm.

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