Serving Size

Our cake flavours varies in weight thus, we do not measure them in weight. Instead, we sell them based on the diameter of the cake in inches e.g. 5 inch round, 7 inch round, 8 inch round and so on. You may use a ruler to visualise the size of the cake.

To make it easy for your cake size selection, we have created a visual guide just for you. This guide will allow you to make better decision in serving size according to the number of guest you have. If you have a ruler with you, measuring the size will give you a better visual on cake sizes.

Note: All our cakes are to be consume in moderation and should not be consumed whole in one meal especially for the diabetic.



20 thoughts on “Serving Size”

  • Dan says:


    Can I check if you sell sliced cakes for 1 person consumption?

    • Delcies says:

      Dear Dan, yes we have slices in store. Do visit us during our operating hours. TUE – SUN 11AM -7.30PM. On public holiday, we are open from 11am to 3pm and some public holidays we are closed.

  • Erica Chui says:

    I would like to order a 3kg mango birthday to be delivered on 15 April to Toa Payoh. Pls reconfirm order n price. Thanks

    9184 8162

  • Lavanya says:


    Can i get a rough idea on the cost of a diabetic friendly slice cake?

  • KC says:

    Hi, how tall is a 13″ by 15″ cake?

    • Delcies says:

      While different flavour has different height, it vary from 2in to 3in tall (including decorations)

  • carol says:

    my friend has allergy in soybean and peanuts. do you bake cake free from soybean and peanuts? thanks

    • Delcies says:

      Yes we can provide soyfree and nut free options. However do take note that we are not a 100% nutfree or soyfree facility as we do use these ingredients in our daily baking. If allergies is mentioned, we will take extra care of the order by using separate equipment to minimise the risk of cross contact.

  • Daniel says:

    hello! is one slice approx 80g? thank you

  • Amanda says:

    Hi. My mum is turning 90 and we plan to have a celebration for her. Do you cater a cake to serve around 89pax?
    The age group ranges from 5-90 years.
    What flavour cake will go well for this group?

    • Delcies says:

      For 89 pax, a rectangular cake 13in x 15in is advisable for a decent serving size. Otherwise our largest round cake is 12 inches round. If serve after heavy meal, 12in round would be sufficient.

  • Beverly says:

    Hi, may I know what is the price range of the cake slice?

    • Delcies says:

      For vegan and diabetes friendly version, they are $8.80 per slice.

      For vegan and gluten free, they range from $9.80 to $12.80

  • Fascendra Gunasekaran says:

    Hi can i know the minimum price of a whole cake?

  • Mich says:

    hi! what are the option for baby friendly cake? if i want to customize a stitch cake, will it be possible? what are the rough estimated cost?

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