Vegan and Diabetic Friendly

Eggless, Dairy-free, Suitable for People with Diabetes

Instead of using cane sugar (High G.I. 80-85), we make cakes suitable for diabetics by using 3 different type of Low G.I. natural sweeteners (non chemical) i.e. organic stevia, organic coconut sugar (G.I. 38) and organic agave (G.I. 15). Even so, our cakes still taste as good as a normal cake. It is highly recommended for a diabetic person to only consume sweetener below 55 G.I points.

Our range of diabetic friendly products have went through GI testing with certification.

Cakes, similarly to the rice we consume daily, they contain calories and must be consumed in moderation of 1 (one) serving slice (80g) per day. It is better than having none.