Vegan and Diabetic Friendly

How do we make our cakes diabetic-friendly?

Through research and development, and with our 13 years of experience in this area, we developed a range of diabetic friendly products that are void of cane sugar, one of the key ingredients in dessert making.

Instead of using cane sugar (High glycemic index (G.I). 80-85), our bakes used a variant of 4 different type of Low G.I. natural sweeteners i.e. organic stevia blend with erythritol (G.I. 0) , erythritol, allulose (G.I. 0), organic coconut sugar (G.I. 38) and organic agave (G.I. 15).

There are definitely other options in the market with lower sugar, diabetic friendly and/or low carb claims, however we understand the concerns our customers have from those claims and we wanted to ensure our products are truly safe for their consumption.

To give our customers further assurance, we sent our most decadent bakes for an official independent Low G.I. certification by the only G.I. Lab in South East Asia for blood glucose testing on random human subjects under controlled and strict settings.

Our products below with (Low G.I) Low Glycemic Index logo, are tested and certified under the strictest requirements.

Cakes, similarly to other food products we consume daily, they contain calories and must be consumed in moderation of 1 (one) serving slice (80g) per day. It is better than having none.