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Mushroom Wellington (eggless, dairy-free, no garlic, no onion) - Gift Box of 4pcs

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Item will be freshly baked in the morning of collection/delivery date. 
To consume warm, you may re-toast pastries at 150°C for 15mins before consumption. 

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For years, our regular vegan clients have been requesting for us to include savouries into our menu. With our new central kitchen, we are delighted to answer these requests as we introduce two new savoury items this year as Christmas mains. We challenged ourselves to do a technical mushroom Wellington dish, made entirely with vegan butter and hand-made intricate layers of puff pastry. A mushroom filling (no garlic, no onion) together with hand-mashed potatoes and spinach are then slow-cooked to perfection. Beyond beautiful, they are absolutely delicious.

Heating instruction: Thaw pastry. Bake thaw pastries in 150°C heated oven temperature for 15mins or until heated through.

  • Wheat flour, sustainable organic palm oil shortening (no trans-fat), sea salt
  • Potato, king mushroom, brown rice milk, rice cream, brown mushroom, white mushroom, vegan bechamel sauce (mustard, nutmeg, pepper, vegan soy cheese, coconut milk), nutritional yeast, spinach, roux, canola oil, cranberry, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, olive oil, paprika, sage, thyme, basil, oregano, pepper, smoked salt, lemon, coriander powder, parsley.
Serving Size (g) half a pie (1 serving)
Energy (Kcal) 145
Carb (g) 18
Fat (g) 6
Sat Fat (g) 2
Trans Fat 0
Protein (g) 8
Dietary Fiber (g) 3
Sugar (g) 5
Sodium (mg) 286
Net Carb (g) 15
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