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Choco-nana (Vegan & Sugar Free)

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White swirl cream and rose buds topping will remain default. Only coloured cream will change. If you have specific instruction, kindly check with us via whatsapp before order. 

Limited to 4 words.

If you have nut allergy, request for nut-free separation processing to reduce the risk. If selected, we will take extra precaution to reduce the risk of cross contact by using separate equipment and tools designated for nut-free production.

*not applicable to Rocher Chocolate

Indulge in a guilt-free, vegan and sugar-free dessert experience with Choco-nana, the ultimate way to satisfy your banana cravings.

Treat your taste buds to a fresh and fruity filling of ripe bananas, surrounded by a rich and decadent layer of dark chocolate ganache. Enjoy this delicious cake at any moment of the day and bask in the satisfaction of a healthy and satisfying treat.

Height: 3”

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Wheat flour, brown rice milk (sunflower seed oil), banana,  stevia, canola oil, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, baking powder. deco: 74% dark chocolate (soy lecithin), banana, rice milk, coconut cream, extra virgin coconut oil (cold pressed), allulose, lemon, corn starch, vanilla beans

Serving Size (g) 100g slice
Energy (Kcal) 276
Carb (g) 40
Fat (g) 20
Sat Fat (g) 9
Trans Fat 0
Protein (g) 2
Dietary Fiber (g) 3
Sugar (g) 9
Sodium (mg) 24
Cholesterol (g) 0

*Sugar from natural sources such as fruits and carbohydrates, not referring to cane sugar or processed sugar. 

Surprisingly great vegan cake
My colleagues and I really love the cake !! It was so good 😍 everyone didn't believe when I said it was dairy-free and vegan friendly. Will recommend people to get cakes from you ! Thank you !
You name it, they make it !
High quality service and ingredients go into Delcie's Desserts. If you need a special cake, they can make it for you! Vegan, Gluten-Free, Low GI, you name it, they make it. Try their banana chocolate cake it is one of my favorites. Chocolate is also good. Decadent and best eaten warm
Got the banana fudge today n it tastes heavenly! Thank you Delcie's, the cake means so much to us! My nephew has allergies and we always have to say no to his pleas for cake, that is so heartbreaking but we now have you
Perfect service + flavor !
The cake was really yummy! It wasn’t too sweet but had the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness! Baby and adults both love the cake! Plus the service was very responsive and they were honest about what could be done and how much it may cost. Will order again next time!
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