Rainbow Chocolate

Are you considering a cake for someone bright, happy and beautiful? Choose me as I am baked layer by layer with the most beautiful 7 colours of the rainbow with chocolate cream (chocolate covered cream). If there is a cake beauty pageant, I would win it for sure.

Actual vegan colours may vary. Not available in heart shape

  • Nut Free Version: complimentary
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$10 (5.5inch Round & 7inch Round)
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$15 (8inch Round)
  • Soy Free Version: additional S$20 (8inch Square)

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Healthier Choice (No Egg, No Dairy, Low Calories, No Trans-fat, No Saturated Fats, No Bad Cholesterol)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice, gluten (wheat), chocolate and vegan food colourings.

Diabetic Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy and No Sugar Added)

*Allergy Info: I contain agave, soy, rice, and gluten (wheat).

  • Not Available.

Gluten Free (No Egg, No Dairy & No Wheat)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, corn, tapioca, rice, potato, buckwheat.

  • Not Available.

Baby Friendly (No Egg, No Dairy, No Nuts & No Chocolate)

*Allergy Info: I contain sugar, soy, rice and gluten (wheat). Not Available. Refer to Rainbow Strawberry.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Chocolate

  1. I need to purchase cupcakes on the 29 th of may a customized birthday cake on the 7 th of June . Both have to be nut free . 8 year ok’d and his friends who all love cupcakes and cakes

    1. From your comments, you require:

      Allergen: Nuts. Kindly take note that our cakes are by default eggless and dairy free. Our facility is not 100% nut free as we do use almonds, walnuts and cashew in some cakes. Please advise is this is going to be a problem. We will however ensure there is no nuts content in the cake or cupcakes.

      29th May (Thur)
      $6.80 each for swirl icing on regular size cupcake (min order 30pcs)
      Molten Chocolate | Red Velvet | Carrot Spice | Blueberry

      7th Jun (Sat)
      Depending on your serving size, we will be able to recommend you a size and flavour.
      If you have any specific designs, please send us a photo for reference and we will be able to quote you based on the photo.

  2. Please advise if you can deliver this cake on 22 Oct to 24 Chapel Road? How much is it for the smallest. Kindly call or msg 96702855

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