Cakes are a key part of celebrations.

To commemorate Singapore’s 55th birthday, my team and I are supporting #FFLShareTheCare for President’s Challenge in different ways.

As proud Singaporeans, we’re honoured to share our Vegan Keto Friendly Mixed Berry Nutty Ice-cream cake that reflects the colours of our national flag. We hope to raise funds for President’s Challenge and Delcie’s pledge to donate 30% of the proceeds for every Mixed Berry Nutty Ice-cream cake sold.

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FFLShareTheCare #StrongerTogether #PresidentsChallenge #HappyBirthdaySingapore

To support this cause in other ways, you can also get an e-recipe booklet featuring my Mixed Berry Nutty Ice-cream cake along with other NDP theme recipes, and President Halimah Yacob’s very own personal recipe by donating* directly on

Sensitive Chef Delcie Lam

Thank you for the bottoms of our hearts for taking your time to read this our charity bake message and supporting this President’s Challenge cause.

*Donations to the President’s Challenge funds 72 diverse Social Service Organisations (SSOs) that cater to people from all walks of life. More information on President’s Challenge can be found at – See more at:

<UPDATES 15 Aug 2020: We have managed to raise $500 from the sales proceeds and thank you to all of you who have contributed in various ways to this charity effort! ?>