KETO and PALEO friendly cakes

Ever since our Opera cake launch during Mother’s Day, we have been getting a lot of request to make Keto friendly cakes.

While my own brother, sister-in-law and a few other friends were also on a strict Keto diet, I went to read up more about this diet and the benefits it would bring to our body.

After giving birth to my second child, I ballooned up very quickly and decided to try out eating low-carb for 2 months. Along with my usual exercising routine, I manage to lose those pounds very quickly and has been maintaining it ever since. Honestly, during that 2 months, I find myself desperately looking for desserts and especially, cakes.

The good news is that I can bake them myself. With that, I revised a couple of our gluten free recipes and make them low-carb. Some of which, I was able to convert them into Keto friendly by avoiding all the starchy ingredients and replacing sugar in the recipe with Stevia sweetener.

While trying to maintain our no egg and no dairy baking rule, all our Keto cakes has to be vegan too. This is not an easy task but my team and I still manage to crack our heads, put in a lot of hours into trial baking, and feeding ourselves with cakes after (not complaining).

If you are on a Keto or Paleo diet, or is looking to enjoy a low carb cake, you may view our cake selection here.





Mother’s Day Cake – Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan, Diabetes Friendly Opera Cake

100% almond nut cake sponge soaked with gold blended coffee, layered between premium hazelnut crunch, with luxurious hazelnut chocolate cream and coffee vanilla cream. This cake is perfect for those in search of a dramatic dessert tasting experience.

This cake contains nuts and is not suitable for those with nut allergy. Decoration contains a food-grade gold coated feather topper and plastic tag that are non-edible.

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Vegan Lemon Curd Chia Seed Cake

In the month of June, we were invited by The Face Shop to bake for their brand new flagship store opening at Tampines 1.

In conjunction with the launch of their “Natural Story” series, they were looking for a bakery that is in-line with their clean and healthy branding. Hence, we were on top of their list.

When contacted, we looked through their corporate identity and range of products that they will be bringing into this store. This will allow us to understand their company better and to develop a product that compliments their grand opening.

We were asked to create 2 type of cake, one for their cake cutting during the opening ceremony, and one for distribution to their guests and customers.



Finally, we create a new cake – Vegan Lemon Curd with Chia Seed Cake. This is made 100% without eggs and dairy products.

The vegan ingredients used are wheat flour, organic brown rice milk, organic chia seed, organic apple puree, organic vanilla bean, fresh lemon curd, canola oil and organic apple cider vinegar.



As for their main center piece cake, we created a 7in tall cake made with rosemary herbs and chocolate cookie frosting.



Best Father’s Day Cakes

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Apply coupon code during online checkout to entitle for a $10 discount on your purchase of our June’s special Golden Blend Coffee Chocolate Cake by 10 June 2016 (Friday)!

This father’s day, we decided to create something unique for dads. Something heavier, masculine and decorative.

For the upcoming Father’s Day 19 June 2016, we will be introducing our June’s special Golden Blend Coffee Chocolate Cake.

best fathers day cake - coffee cake diabetic friendly

For vegans and diabetic customers, you may pre-order our Golden Blended Coffee Chocolate Cake with our favourite coconut biscuit feuilletine base crust.

This is a vegan and diabetic friendly coffee soaked chocolate cake base, sandwiched with rich espresso cream, and drizzle with chocolates as finale.

You can definitely wow your dad with this heavy-weight tall cake this Father’s Day. This is the best guilt-free cake you can ever get for your dad!


If you are looking for a gluten free cake this father’s day, we have a similar coffee chocolate cake with gluten free chocolate coated cookie (without the coconut biscuit feuilletine base crust).

Vegan and Diabetic Friendly

This is a vegan and diabetic friendly coffee soaked chocolate cake base with coconut biscuit feuilletine crust, sandwiched with rich espresso cream, and drizzle with chocolates as finale.

This is the best guilt-free cake you can ever get for your dad!

6 inches wide – $70
5.5 inches tall
800g weight

Allergen: wheat, chocolate, coconut, soy

Vegan and Gluten Free

Introducing a premium vegan and gluten free coffee soaked chocolate cake that is layered with espresso coffee cream; and decorated with chocolate drizzle topping and gluten free chocolate coated cookies.

6 inches Round – $90
4.5~5 inches tall
800g weight

Final actual decoration may change as some decoration (shown in photo) contains gluten.

Allergen: chocolate, coconut, soy

Valentine’s Day Cake

This Valentine’s Day, we had a little more time than the last few years (clashed with Chinese New Year) to whip up some Vday special cakes for all the lovers.

To start off, we perfected the Vegan Cream Cheese filling and we had managed to infused the filling into our Beet Red Velvet cake. This is an awesome combination! A must try Vday cake for this limited Valentine’s Day period.

On top of that, we created some Vegan Oreo Desserts in Cups for the oreo lovers.

Along with the rest of our signature cakes, we spent a little more time to doll them up with a variety of Valentine’s Day cake designs.

For all the lovers, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free cakes options are also available.

Valentine's Cupcake Red Velvet Oreo

Valentine's Day Cupcake Vegan Sugar Free

Vegan Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Valentine's Day Cake

Valentine's day Blueberry Blueforest cake

Banana Fudge Best Vegan Valentine's Cake Best Mud Fudge Vegan Healthy Cake

Christmas Log Cakes 2014

During this festive season, we are closed on 25th December 2014  and on 1st Jan 2015. Our operating hours on 24th Dec 2014 Christmas Eve and 31st Dec 2014 New Year Eve are from 11am till 3pm.

xmas log cake vegan

Order your Eggless and Dairy Free Vegan Christmas log cakes* online now and received special discount before 15 Dec 2014.
*limited to selected items only

5~6pax serving size

10 ~15 pax serving size

When we bake, it becomes healthy™

Delcie's Vegan Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free Baby Cakes Delcie's Vegan Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free Baby Cakes 2

We are not your normal cake shop
because we do care about your health.

Have you ever felt bad for anyone who was not able to enjoy the cake at the party due to his/her strict diet? Is that person on a diet trying to lose weight? Or is he/she a diabetic, vegan, vegetarian or allergic to certain ingredients in the cake? If you know of someone like this or you are this person, you are lucky that you have finally found us!

At Delcie’s, our mission is to deliver love, happiness and health through our cakes to all our customers. We are a specialised bakery where we only develop cakes that truly care for you and your loved ones; especially for those who never had cakes in their lives or thought they will never have a chance to eat cakes in the future.


Delcie’s is certified “Healthier Choice Bakery” by Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) since year 2011.

Even though our cakes are healthy, be responsible in your own consumption, as all food should be taken in moderation.

All Delcie’s cakes DO NOT contain egg, dairy, alcohol or animal by-products.
Suitable for muslims, vegetarians and vegans.
Diabetic-Friendly, Baby-Friendly, Gluten Free, Nut Free and
Soy Free options are available.

*Product may contain sugar, nuts, wheat, soy, and seaweed (source of calcium) unless specify. Do check with our staff the ingredient content to ensure your safe indulgence. We are not a 100% nut/gluten/wheat free facility.


Featured in the Press:
* Channel 8     * Simply Her Magazine
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Testimonials from our valuable customers…

“Just wanted to say thank you for inventing the
greatest desserts I’ve ever had in my life. I was
delighted to know that I could eat the cake but
what’s even better was that it’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had in my life. Recently I just went to your new store and i had the banana chocolate cake and once again am blown away by the taste of your dessert. I could not thank you more for bringing desserts back into my life :)” Mag Wan

“Thank you for the delicious gluten free
wedding cake, our guest loved it and Adam
was thrilled! We are grateful for all your patience.” Delia

“My boss said he had never eaten such a tasty guilt
free cake. He enjoyed it very much & so were the rest of us. The beautiful Rainbow cake wowed everyone. Thank you for a great team of baking master!” Lydua Wang

“I have on many occasions bought your cakes and find it great (both for the body and taste). Thank you very much for your cakes! My BF and his family have been converted to your cakes too.” Sangeetha

“This is my first time trying Delcie’s cos 2 of my
friends are vegans… your Chocolate Mud Fudge
definitely didn’t compromise on taste, flavour and texture! It was heaven melting in our mouths especially when it was warmed, and all my friends had seconds and were amazed at how something so healthy can taste so good!! ” vicky

“Your cakes were delicious. Personally I prefer them
to regular cakes. Lighter and the cream less cloying
than dairy cream. Thanks again! You will be definitely be receiving orders from us again!” Joanne Wee


Best Eggless Dairy Free Gluten Free Cake Testimonals

Here are compilations of some of our valuable and super nice customers who have given us their thumbs-up for our allergy-free, eggless, dairy free, gluten free, vegan and diabetic friendly cakes. Thank you for your online reviews and testimonials!

Delcies review Delcies review
“I hope you can receive the photo and bring you some joy for blessing us with your masterpiece. This is my son, 2.7 years old, has anaphylactic reactions / allergies to dairy and eggs. He really enjoyed the rainbow cake. Thank you”

Delcies review
“Stopping for desserts in between house-visits!” ~eriannfiqhar

Delcies review
“Thank you so much for the delicious cake. Ah ma and daddy loves it. Vegan cake thumbs up.”

Delcies review
“Hi. thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious cake (5.5′ vanilla rainbow cake).. my husband can finally ate his birthday cake in peace due to his lactose intolerance.. really open my world that cake without dairy can taste so good!! Will be back for more!!” ~nana

Delcies review
“Really awesome tasting! Finally found cakes that caters to people with food intolerances like dairy, eggs and gluten!”

Delcies review
“The cake is heaven!!! it was so tasty. And no one believe it has no dairy and eggs! You should see my expression when I saw the cake. You make me speechless!!! You guys are amazing! Indeed your cake is better than the one we had at Spain and US! Your cake is the most delicious! I am completely hooked!” ~Nienie Lim and Jose Blasco

Delcies review
Our testimonial wall at our ex-kitchen: “The word delicious does not do justice to Delcie’s desserts and cakes. It is simply heavenly and addictive. I would say its like a drug, perhaps a healthy and thoughtful drug substitute for all ages and diet.”

Delcies review
“Hi Delcie, Enjoyed the cake… well done, considering that it’s eggless, flourless and diabetic friendly. Can’t ask for more 🙂 Will try your mud fudge next!” ~Gary

Delcies review
“Hi Delcie, thanks for the mud fudge and brownie cake. Both are excellent and kids really relished it. Really appreciate your gesture for the brownie cake as you have specially baked it for the occasion. Looking forward to order gluten free cakes for future occasions.” ~Priyank

Delcies review
“I have been a customer for 3 (or 4) years already and for every birthday, Chinese New Year, moon cake festival, I only get from Delcie’s Desserts. The cakes are great and with so many to choose from, every birthday, we get to try different flavours. Exceptionally look forward to the mooncakes and Chinese New year goodies every year! Thank you for such wonderful healthy cakes for me and my family :)” ~Anne