This Valentine’s Day, we had a little more time than the last few years (clashed with Chinese New Year) to whip up some Vday special cakes for all the lovers.

To start off, we perfected the Vegan Cream Cheese filling and we had managed to infused the filling into our Beet Red Velvet cake. This is an awesome combination! A must try Vday cake for this limited Valentine’s Day period.

On top of that, we created some Vegan Oreo Desserts in Cups for the oreo lovers.

Along with the rest of our signature cakes, we spent a little more time to doll them up with a variety of Valentine’s Day cake designs.

For all the lovers, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine's Cupcake Red Velvet Oreo

Valentine's Day Cupcake Vegan Sugar Free

Vegan Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Valentine's Day Cake

Valentine's day Blueberry Blueforest cake

Banana Fudge Best Vegan Valentine's Cake Best Mud Fudge Vegan Healthy Cake