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11 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website!

    1. Please advise if you are looking at local franchise or oversea?

      May I understand why do you want to franchise Delcie’s for our initial evaluation before we release more details.

  1. Hi!
    I love how ur cakes exclude most of what I am allergic to. But do u make cakes without bakers’ yeast? Cos i m allergic to that… i heard from a fren who bakes at home that it can be replaced w self raising flour or baking soda or smtg. Looking forward to ur email! God bless!

    1. Dear deb, what allergies do you have so we can recommend you the cake you can take.

      All our cakes do NOT contain bakers’ yeast.

    1. While we do not quote our cakes by weight as different flavours bear different weight and our cakes are generally heavier than normal cakes due to our policy of non-chemical baking policy. Our cakes may look smaller visually but the cake may be very heavy.

      I have attached the serving size guide.

      Also please advise when do you need the cake as the printer may not be available in dec.

  2. THANKS Delcie for the delicious chocolate cherry cake on the 25th…. Most impress by the promptness and ability to deliver a cake of that size at super short notice 🙂
    A slice does not suffice for many of our guest and staff …. After a bite they were surprised with the texture and taste … Full and rich but not overwhelming!
    Guess, you will be hearing from us again… very soon!

    Thank you!

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