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October 10, 2015 By Delcies Off

Winning Singapore’s Most Innovative Enterprise Award 2015

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Our entire team at Delcie’s would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters over the years. When we first started in Sept 2009, there was no such thing as gluten free diet and many wondered if sugar-free cakes would ever taste good enough; no one understood why I had to bake what we are baking today. I was discouraged over and over again by people who hurt me with harsh comments, and didn’t believe in me or my business. Over the years, my team and I struggled, we persevered and we fight on to do the hard work of educating consumers that there are better, tastier and healthier cake choices out there. Though, we are not perfect in many ways, we are heartened by encouraging regulars and satisfied customers who love our products and gave us positive testimonials to keep our baking passion alive. Deep down, I know my business has touched many customers’ hearts especially when they walked through our door and realised they could eat everything in our store without worries. We have baked the impossible.

“25 Sept 2015 is a special night for us.
Delcie’s has been awarded Most Innovative award at Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award.

Thank you to all my colleagues who had been contributing all your hard work and love in baking healthier cakes for all our customers.

This award is also dedicated to all our customers who loves us and for your continual support to our hard work!”

Recieving Most Innovative Star Award at the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award from Minister Tharman

Receiving Most Innovative Star Award at the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award from Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Finally, I will like to tribute this award to my beloved late mother who had inspired my business and gave me a purpose in life; to my dad who has constantly taught me to be charitable and gave me valuable business and life advises; to my late grandfather who brought me to all the community dinners that won me my first cake mixer when I was twelve years old which started it all; to my forever supportive husband who encourages me to never give up whenever I was down and stressed out at work; to my father-in-law who is so proud of me and always keeping a stack of my name cards to promote my business to his friends and relatives; and finally to my loving late mother-in-law who had passed away on that same award night; thank you for waiting for me before you go. As a renown award-winning Tamil writer and teacher, you had inspired me to never stop learning because the ability to gain new knowledge and skills for my business has allowed me to do so much more for others.


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From the left: Robin (Designer), Sharon (Supervisor of Kuan In Cake, Fortune Center), Delcie, Kannan (my husband), Khalya (Head Chef of Delcie’s), Abby (Customer Service/Sales) Missing from photo: May (Pastry Chef)