We use only 100% pure MSW, the durian filling is bright yellow (original colour). Because we do not add any cream to the puree, our durian snowskin mooncake is lower in fat and contains no cane sugar.

Seaweed sweetener is used to lightly sweeten the skin recipe instead of icing cane sugar.

To enjoy our sugarfree durian snowskin, slice and consume mooncake frozen or slightly thaw.

MSW Durian Snowskin - Vegan, Cane sugarfree, gluten free


Delcie’s is a one stop healthier choice bakery in Singapore with a legacy of using the best plant-based (vegan) ingredients while providing nutritious yet delicious bakes at your doorstep!

Now, you can instantly order for our cane-sugarfree and vegan mooncake as gifts for your friends or parents, and even have them just to satiate your craving. Gluten-free and nut-free mooncakes are able available.

You’ll have loads of options for vegan, diabetes-friendly, sugar-free, nut-free and gluten-free traditional mooncakes or snowskin mooncakes to choose from.

Our aim is to present you healthy mooncakes with lip-smacking taste.