Keto Cakes

keto birthday cake in singapore

Our low carbohydrate and ketogenic cakes offer a delicious solution for those following a Keto lifestyle.

Vegan and free from animal products, egg, and dairy, our keto friendly desserts are crafted with nuts, extra virgin coconut oil, and grain-free flour like coconut and almond flour for the perfect fat and protein balance.

Sweetened with a high-grade Stevia blend containing erythritol and allulose, our desserts provide guilt-free indulgence.

Please note that while our Keto menu is suitable for persons with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, we advise consulting your doctors and/or nutritionists before starting any diet.

Discover the magic of our Keto creations, and let Delcie's be your companion on your path to a healthier you!