Gluten Free & Casein Free Cakes

At Delcie's, we take pride in our commitment to providing safe and delicious treats for all our customers.
That's why all our gluten-free cakes are meticulously crafted to be not only gluten-free but also free from eggs, dairy, and casein.

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe environment for those with food allergies, which is why we practice careful baking and use separate utensils to prevent any cross-contact of food allergens in our gluten-free cakes.

To ensure the best taste and texture in our gluten-free creations, we've formulated a special blend of gluten-free whole-grain sorghum flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum to replace wheat flour in our baking.

With our gluten-free cakes, you can indulge in delectable treats without worrying about allergens or compromising on flavor.

Enjoy the delightful taste and the peace of mind that comes with our carefully crafted gluten-free options.