Delcie’s Desserts is a one stop online bakery in Singapore with a legacy of utilising the best ingredients and providing nutritious yet delicious bakes!

Now, you do not have to fret when it comes to having a customised cake at your next party, allow us to customise to any occasion and allergies so that everyone can enjoy a treat!  You have loads of options such as vegan cakes, diabetic-friendly cakes, low-carb sugar-free cakes, baby-friendly cakes, gluten-free cakes, and many more to choose from. Our aim is to present you healthy cakes that everyone can safely enjoy and be included in the fun!

easter vegan cake

We do not compromise on taste and aesthetics of the cake even though it is made egg free, dairy free, sugar, nut free or even diabetic friendly. We still uphold the essence of baking, finding replacement ingredients that are nutritious and good for health.

So for your next celebration, feel free to order from Delcie’s Desserts for any occasion and with preference to customise it according to your health. Low carbohydrate cakes are for people who are on low-carb diet, for diabetic patient you have options for sugar free cakes, and many more. Good health is our priority that tastes delicious.

keto strawberry chocolate bomb

Online bakery Singapore: We deliver a wide range of cakes to suit your choice. Healthy and nutritious bakes distinguish us from others. So, now you don’t have to come down all the way to bakery for cakes, online order and save the hassle of travelling and transportation!