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Over the years, we have been doing a lot of charity work from sponsoring of cakes, toys, supplies etc and many times, through donations of money from our sales. But this year, besides all that, we at Delcie’s wanted to volunteer a day of our work time to do something more meaningful.

On 9 April 2016, all of us headed down to the zoo together with all the other volunteers from Hwa Chong Institution to help usher the children and their families for Club Rainbow’s wellness walkathon event. This is their annual family event and we are all very happy to play a little part in getting out of our kitchen to meet all the wonderful people.

Aside from that, we purchased 200 sets of toys gift sets with each Bearbrick toy hand-written with symbol of love by the team at Action City. Thanks to their director, Tong Hong, who made our humble request possible.

bearbrick and delcies charity work bearbrick and delcies charity work (3) bearbrick and delcies charity work (2) action city and delcies, bearbricks action city and delcies, bearbricks 2

Also, with BIG thanks to all our generous donations from our personal friends that was collected between the month of Dec 2015 to Jan 2016. Each toy set was distributed by the volunteers to the beneficiaries during this event.

club rainbow charity event - delcie and delcies desserts team (3)

If you like to play a part, Club Rainbow is always looking for donations. Visit them at www.clubrainbow.org to find out the good work they have been doing for children who suffer from a range of major chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

A token of appreciation from Club Rainbow
A token of appreciation from Club Rainbow

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Have been wanting to go to the zoo for a while now, and what a better reason than to be a volunteer for the 9th Annual Wellness First Party 2016!

It was such a fruitful day, accompanying a group of siblings with physical disabilities around the zoo. The excitement on their faces seeing all the animals is an image that will stay with me for a long time.
Charity work is supposed to benefit the beneficiaries, but somehow, helping them has benefitted me. Bringing about happiness and joy was an amazing breather in the midst of all the assignments due.


Thank you to all the organizers for letting me be involved in such a successful event.
Last but definitely not the least, thank you @delciesdesserts for being a sponsor to the event thereby allowing us (all your staff) to be part of the event!


club rainbow charity event - delcie and delcies desserts team (6)