Christmas Log Cakes and Desserts Menu 2018 (Vegan, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Keto Friendly)

We Love A Healthier Christmas

This holiday season, we bring you an entire NEW range of decedent cakes and desserts that will indulge your taste buds and soul (no more guilt!)

First up we are excited to unveil our all-new range of vegan keto-friendly hazelnut chocolate mousse log cakes and rocher chocolate gianduja balls that are both sweetened with stevia and very low in carbs. Perfect for gifting and sharing the holiday spirit.

Not a chocolate fan? We’ve got you covered with more options – a vegan Rose Lychee log cake and a gluten free Gingerbread Cream Cheese log biscuit.

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We look forward to baking these delectable products for you this Christmas.

Vegan Keto Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Log Cake

Indulge in a guilt-free dark chocolate vegan keto friendly cake. Luscious chocolate layers alternated on a feuilletine crust base glazed with a crunchy hazelnut chocolate coat.

5in x 2.5in $88

7in x 3in $148

Net Carb: calculating…

Vegan Keto Rochers Chocolate Gianduja Balls

Perfect gift suggestion – Low carb, vegan keto friendly Italian gianduja filled chocolate treats. Delcie’s healthy interpretation of the traditional Ferrero Rocher.

16 pieces box set $60

Net Carb: 2g / pc

Vegan Keto Double Chocolate Chip Muffin

Treat yourself to a low carb, vegan keto friendly rich chocolate muffin with dark chocolate chips.

Box of 4 pieces (apx 200g each) – $36

Net Carb: 5g / 100g

Vegan & Diabetes Friendly Rose Lychee Log Cake

A vegan and diabetes friendly take on the trending aromatic Lychee Rose scented cake. Perfect with a cup of tea!

5in length (5-6pax) $80
7in length (7-8pax) $105

Vegan Gluten Free Gingerbread with Cream Cheese Log Biscuit

A creative twist on the traditional gingerbread shortcrust cookie –  fragrant gluten free, vegan, diabetes friendly gingerbread shortcrust cookie, layered with smooth vegan cream cheese filling topped with vegan macarons and rich brownies bites.

9in x 3.5in $108

Vegan Gluten Free Rainbow Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn inspired rainbow gluten free vegan macarons with a dash of rainbow sprinkles for that added sparkle.

6 pieces $20

KETO and PALEO friendly cakes

Ever since our Opera cake launch during Mother’s Day, we have been getting a lot of request to make Keto friendly cakes.

While my own brother, sister-in-law and a few other friends were also on a strict Keto diet, I went to read up more about this diet and the benefits it would bring to our body.

After giving birth to my second child, I ballooned up very quickly and decided to try out eating low-carb for 2 months. Along with my usual exercising routine, I manage to lose those pounds very quickly and has been maintaining it ever since. Honestly, during that 2 months, I find myself desperately looking for desserts and especially, cakes.

The good news is that I can bake them myself. With that, I revised a couple of our gluten free recipes and make them low-carb. Some of which, I was able to convert them into Keto friendly by avoiding all the starchy ingredients and replacing sugar in the recipe with Stevia sweetener.

While trying to maintain our no egg and no dairy baking rule, all our Keto cakes has to be vegan too. This is not an easy task but my team and I still manage to crack our heads, put in a lot of hours into trial baking, and feeding ourselves with cakes after (not complaining).

If you are on a Keto or Paleo diet, or is looking to enjoy a low carb cake, you may view our cake selection here.