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Cakes for sensitive diet, without sacrificing the taste you love 

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Certified Low in G.I Diabetic Friendly Cakes

KETO and PALEO friendly vegan cakes

Following its success with diabetic-friendly vegan cakes, Delcie’s Desserts pushes frontiers again with
its new range of KETO and PALEO friendly vegan cakes.

Known as the sensitive chef, Delcie Lam of Delcie’s Desserts has amassed a cult following amongst the health
conscious and those with special dietary requirements with her low carb cakes that are literally guilt free!

Requests for desserts with exclusion of egg, dairy, refined sugar or even multiple allergy

Conditions including gluten free, nut free are common in her kitchen.

Frequently researching on how to better meet the needs of her customers, Delcie picked up on the latest
health trend, the KETO diet and challenged herself further to develop products for this growing community that require a low-carb, high fat diet. According to research, the diet if done properly, helps to burn body fats instead of carbohydrates resulting in positive outcomes such as reduced blood sugar levels, improved insulin sensitivity which may translate to successful weight loss.

Her pursuit to produce a low net carb gluten free cake that was still appealing and satisfying for her
customers was not without challenge as the range of low carb keto baking
ingredients are limited.

Only plant-based proteins, natural sweeteners like stevia, nuts, seeds and healthy oils are permitted for use. After months of research and development, the final product was a Keto-friendly Vegan Opera cake which received positive response from her customers.

She then went on to develop a full range of Keto-friendly low carb vegan cakes much to the delight of customers seeking a low carb high fat diet.

Of her new range, Delcie highly recommends the Vegan Keto Double
Chocolate Chip Muffin, Keto Rocher Chocolate cake and Keto Opera Cake that can be made
gluten free for any customer with special requirements.

Keen to try it as soon as possible? Sensitive Chef Delcie has made it her mission to make healthy cakes accessible to everyone, readily and easily. The bakery now retails online through their website at https://delcies.com/vegan-paleo-keto-friendly-cakes-eggless-dairy-free-gluten-free-wheat-free and even with Singapore’s key ecommerce partners like Redmart and other popular food apps such as Grabfood.