Chef Delcie

Cake Design Award

In Year 2005, Chef Delcie bag the top prize in Prima Deli’s Horoscope Cake Design competition and all her 12 designs were sold island-wide in all Prima Deli’s retail outlets.

prima Award
Sensitive Chef Delcie vegan baking class 4


Certification in Food Allergy

Specialist Diploma Nutrition & Health Promotion (Merit)

Advance Diploma Visual Communication
(Top Student)

Best Baby Friendly Cakes

2 Time Winner (2019, 2020)

baby safe cakes in singapore

Top 3 Best Rated Cake Shop

2017 ~ 2020

Best Cake shops in Kallang
Best Cake shops in Kallang

Healthier Bakery Award

Since 2011

Certified Low Glycemic Index Cakes

Glycemic Index testing is conducted in human subjects by a internationally accredited methodology at Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU). These subjects are carefully chosen based on the inclusion criteria. Ethics approval have been sought prior to the commencement of each study.

low g.i cakes certificate

Most Innovative Award


Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Top 5 Gluten Free Cafe

top gluten free cakes in singapore

Top 16 International Vegan Bakeries

2019 Top 8 Food Trends

Best Cake Shop In Singapore

Top Vegan Friendly Bakery In Singapore

top vegan friendly bakeries