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A sweet note from World Mission Society Church of God

As always, our team at Delcie’s will never stop giving back to the society when it comes to doing charity work. Especially when we find a cause worth helping, we put our hearts out by doing what we do best – baking for charity!

Here is a very sweet thank you message for our team from the World Mission Society Church of God…


On behalf of the Head Office of the World Mission Society Church of God, we are writing to thank you for your generous sponsorship for our recent event, the “584th Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover” held on Sunday, 3rd April 2016 at the Bloodbank @ H.S.A.

We are honoured to have the Peru Ambassador H.E. Manual G. Talavera to grace our event.

All participants on that day which includes members of the church, their families, relatives and friends were brightened and delighted by your generous sponsor.

We had a total of 208 attendees at the event with 157 applications to donate blood. Among them, the Red Cross successfully collected 107 units of blood.

The World Mission Society Church of God will continue to share our Mother’s love to the world by making more contributions to the society through volunteer activities to help our neighbours who are in need.