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A Vegan Christmas Celebration

LOVE in all its forms, is what brings us together. From storied romances and cherished friendships to family bonds and beyond, love is what inspires and motivates us, every day. During this most special time of the year, it is a moment to get together with family and friends.

As a vegan, cane sugar free and diabetic friendly cake shop, we aim to take this celebration a little further to include every member of the family when it comes to the festive meal. From diabetic friendly to baby friendly options, at Delcie’s Desserts, we have it all.

In our 2021 Christmas menu, we present a festive menu which includes savoury for the first time ever, through a theme inspired by the unique palettes all around the world.

Mini Quiche

Great as appetizers, French inspired Mini Quiche in a Vol-au-vent pastry case is presented in three variations, potato cubes, spinach tomato pineapple and hot favorite truffle mushroom (no garlic and no onion).

The pastry itself is a feat to achieve, the prep work for these intricate layers of pastry takes 3 hours to achieve.

British Mushroom Wellington

For mains, customers can consider serving a classic British Mushroom Wellington.

Made entirely with vegan butter, this technical dish had Delcie’s Desserts chefs folding through layers of dough and vegan butter to create intricate layers of puff pastry.

Mushrooms are then slow-baked to perfection, then rolled in with hand-mashed potatoes and steamed baby spinach.

These are available in two sizes – Pot Pie create for a small party of 2 and a Loaf Size for a family treat.

Italian Focaccia

Those whom are looking for a good side dish could consider the tantalizing Italian Focaccia which is Delcie’s healthy twist on the classic Italian flat bread using the most traditional recipe with extra-virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, then a dust of rosemary leaves on top.

Perfectly crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, it is the perfect accompaniment to your festive meal or even eaten on its own!

Vegan Quiche

Vegan Quiche

Vegan Wellington Pot Pie

Vegan Wellington Loaf

Vegan Facaccia Bread

Vegan Facaccia Bread

Vegan Facaccia Bread

Yuletide Tartlets

No meal is completed without dessert. Delcie’s Desserts presents three cane sugar-free options for consideration. Delcie’s Yuletide Tartlets are best for clients prefers texture and layers in their dessert.

Enjoy a semi molten lave center in three different renditions, Dark Knight, a soft Chocolate Ganache Tart. The perfect combination of tart crust with a soft dark chocolate ganache filling, completely cane sugar free.

Non chocolate fans can enjoy Matcha Choc Dreams an unlikely but perfect combination, this bittersweet tart made with finest matcha and dark chocolate topper is packed full of antioxidants, flavonoids, healthy fats, vitamin E, protein, and iron.

Finally, fruit lovers will enjoy the Strawberry Vanilla Melody, a traditional classic blend of velvety vanilla bean vegan cream that is infused with semi-molten strawberries curd in a tart shell. The perfect melody of vitamins, antioxidants and flavor!

Christmas Log Cakes

What’s a Christmas without a Christmas Log?

At Delcie’s, everyone including the little ones can join in the celebration. Their wholesome yet natural and nutritious recipes are perfect.

Pumpkin Chai Festive Log  a vegan and baby friendly popular caffeine-free chai cake gets a nutritional boost with a chai blend that’s guaranteed to awake your tastebuds with an aromatic blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves.

A sensory experience is guaranteed with this multi textured treat- a soft chai-infused sponge wrapped around a slow cooked pumpkin filling coupled vanilla chantilly cream, finally creamed to perfection with a festive woollen sweater design, fit for the holdiays!

The other option would be Strawberry Passion Log, an antioxidant packed vegan and baby friendly cake, that’s made with the most unassuming ingredients.

Tender young spinach leaves are first deveined to remove the bitter stalks, then baked together with apple and banana puree. Finally, assembled with a tangy passionfruit (seedless) vegan cream filling centered with strawberry filling.

The result, an earthy green sponge vitamin packed treat that actually great for health!


If cakes are not your thing, Donut-bombs might be the answer. Part donut, and inspired by K-macaron, this treat is guaranteed to check all boxes when it comes to choosing between two of the trendiest vegan snacks now.

Available in apple cinnamon, maple caramel and pistachio rose, these treats are a conversation starter.

Vegan Tartlets

Vegan Tartlets

Pumpkin Chai Log Cake

Pumpkin Chai Log Cake

Strawberry Passion Log Cake

Strawberry Passion Log Cake

Vegan Donut Bomb

Vegan Donut Bomb

Vegan Babka Rolls

Festive Babka

Last but not least, wake up on Christmas morning by enjoying a freshly baked Vegan Festive Babka with cinnamon roll twist.

Originating from Eastern Europe, a babka, commonly mistaken as a brioche, and often misunderstood as a bread or a cake. In fact, the babka is a sweet braided yeasted cake that is traditionally swirled with either chocolate or cinnamon and often topped with streusel or shiny glaze.

(only available in store from Friday to Sunday – while stock last)

Delcie’s introduced three festive renditions of this much loved in three festive renditions. Traditional cinnamon, cinnamon pecan crunch and matcha almond bits to tantalise the tastebuds and warm your hearts.

As they hand knead the swirls of each layer in this dessert, their team was reminded of the times they walked through a Christmas market and caught a whiff of those freshly baked cinnamon goodness.

Need we say more? Order today for you and your loved ones and eat your way to good health.

Available just a click away at https://delcies.com/product-category/festive-period/christmas/