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Healthier Halal Chinese New Year Goodies and Cookies 2015

Year after year, our healthier Chinese New Year goodies has been featured in various media and gained liking from customers of all walks of life.

This year, in particular, Simple Her magazine had featured our Vegan Coconut Love Letter and Vegan Melting Almond Cookie as a MUST TRY after taste testing from various cookie brands.

In TODAY’s newspaper, all our CNY cookies have been featured as a healthier alternative compared to all the unhealthy sugar-loaded cookies in the market.

Besides being Halal certified, our cookies are all 100% cholesterol free, making them a healthier choice for those who enjoys these CNY goodies but without the guilt.

Take our Pineapple Tarts and Pineapple Balls for example, our regulars come back to us every year because of the fresh honey pineapples we used in our filling. The filling is so fragrant that you can taste the pineapple’s tanginess in them. This is because the flavours were not covered by the use of sugar in our process of cooking.

Likewise, by not using butter in our nut-based cookies, we compensate the lack of fats by using higher amount of nuts ( because nuts have their own natural oil). This process makes the cookies more fragrant with its own nut aroma and melts in the mouth. We do not use artificial flavouring in our baking. By using more real ingredients (real nuts) in our cookies, our price is definitely more premium than the cheaper ones in the market. However, we can assure you that you will definitely taste the real deal in ours.

Green pea cookie is one of the most sought-after cookies among our nut range. Accordingly to our customers who regularly buy them from us, they sampled from so many places and still returned back to us because of the real taste of peas in our cookies.

While we specialised in diabetic friendly baking (also recently awarded with Low G.I certifications), besides the diabetic friendly Pineapple Balls, we further created 2 new products that were able to satisfy our diabetic friends too i.e. 5 Elements Oatmeal cookie and Crispy Seaweed Roll.