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Our Best Mothers' Day Cake 2016

Mothers’ Day has always been close to our hearts and this year, we decided to create 2 brand new cakes that use the most premium and interesting ingredients which we have put our heart and soul to develop.

Thinking along the line of creating a Singapore’s traditional cake, we thought of combining pandan with tropical coconut cream and giving it a modern twist by adding a pinch of salt to our gula melaka cream frosting. The result was heart warming!

For mothers who can’t take sugar, we also recreated our last year’s popular chocolate truffle cake by baking a milder cream textured cake (based on collective feedback thanks to last year’s customers) with an additional base crust. The highlight of this cake is our special coconut feuilletine base crust which will speak for itself only after you have tasted it. Everyone at Delcie’s is super excited for our customers to try this.

We hope our cakes will be able to bring joy, happiness and good health to all mothers.

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A premium coconut pandan cake made using the finest vegan ingredients and freshly squeezed coconut milk for the perfect Pandan cake texture. Frosted with salted gula melaka cream filling, this cake will melt your mum’s heart.

Allergen: wheat, coconut, flower tea (decoration) pandan

5.5in Round – $55
7in Round – $95

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A premium vegan and diabetic friendly coffee soaked chocolate cake with a coconut biscuit feuilletine base crust and layered with vanilla cream and dark chocolate ganache. Frosted with chocolate truffle cream, this cake will melt your mum’s heart.

Allergen: wheat, chocolate, flower tea (decoration), coconut

5.5in Round – $65
7in Round – $105