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Spiral Flaky White Lotus with Salted Vegan Egg Yolk (Cane Sugar Free)

Introducing our vegan salted yolk in a lotus paste and melon seed mooncake – a revolution on its own.

The search for the perfect salted duck yolk vegan alternative has been resolved by our in house R&D team!

It was not an easy process and after more than 50 tries with different protein packed beans and nuts, Delcie and her team finally found that garbanzo beans, an ingredient that is commonly used to make our in-house gluten free macarons and eggless bakes, allowed them to achieve the most natural looking color and texture, forming the base for the vegan yolk. 

They then soaked and slow cooked the beans until it achieved the right consistency followed by stir-frying over low fire to ensure the right consistency. A dash of umami is added last for a finishing punch.

This year, we are proud to include this vegan yolk into her most popular traditional flaky Teochew mooncake. Each piece is painstakingly man made to achieve the flaky crispy thousand layer outer skin, then wrapped around a slow cooked premium cane sugarfree lotus seed melon seed paste that’s sweeten with maltitol to a healthier option.

Consumers can expect to bite into a flaky Teochew mooncake crust that evolves into a wholesome sweet white lotus melon seed middle and finally a savoury punch with a vegan salted “yolk” centre.

A true gastronomic journey in a bite.