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Certified Low in G.I Diabetic Friendly Cakes

Vegan Keto cakes and Diabetic Friendly cakes in Singapore

Cake and Sugar are almost synonymous when it comes to ingredients in making desserts. Other common ingredients also include butter, icing and cream, these almost as sinful as it is to consume. As a result, desserts are often on the off limit lists for consumers suffering from pre-existing conditions like diabetes where a small amount of sugar can cause glucose levels to spike and cause undesirable reactions.

What this group of consumers can now rejoice is that there is a solution available for them now. Delcie’s, an esteemed healthy bakery is here to help. Sensitive Chef Delcie strives to change the stigma of desserts being unhealthy by ensuring she uses organic, high quality natural ingredients in her recipes. She ensures her large cake range can be made cane sugar-free and diabetes friendly.


Her pursuit to produce a low net carb gluten free cake that was still appealing and satisfying for her customers was not without challenge as the range of low carb, diabetes friendly baking ingredients are limited.

Only plant-based proteins, natural sweeteners like stevia, nuts, seeds and healthy oils are permitted for use. After months of research and development, the final product was a Keto-friendly Vegan Opera cake which received positive response from her customers.

She then went on to develop a full range of Keto friendly low carb vegan cakes <view Keto-friendly low carb vegan cakes menu> much to the delight of customers seeking a low carb sugar free diet. Customers who are not looking to embark on a Keto diet but required Low G.I cakes for person with diabetes condition, she has all her in-house best selling diabetic friendly cakes here <diabetic friendly range here>

Sensitive Chef Delcie has made it her mission to make healthy cakes accessible to everyone, readily and easily. The bakery now retails online through their website at https://delcies.com and even with key ecommerce partners like Oddle, Food Panda, Grabfood, and Red Mart.