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Giant Vegan Cookie Gift Set (eggless, dairy-free) - corporate or personal gift ideas

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Designed for the cookie monsters.
Perfect gift option to tell your loved ones they’re dearly treasured. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans too! 

Giant Vegan Cookie Set – containing 3 types of Vegan Giant molten cookies

  • Vegan Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie  x2 pcs
    A sweet and salty classic Chocolate Chip Pretzel cookie. Loaded with an abundance of chocolate chips and a savoury pretzel touch for that extra oomph.
  • Vegan Lotus Marshmallow Cookie  x2 pcs
    Bitter dark chocolate chips, pillow soft marshmallows and the crunch from pieces of super crunchy Lotus Biscoff cookies provide a textured winning melody of flavours.

  • Vegan Keto Rocher Chocolate Cookie  x2 pcs
    Imagine our best-selling Rocher balls in a cookie, made with the same Italian gianduja as our vegan keto-friendly Rocher balls.

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