We are proud to be Singapore's first and leading Eggless and Dairy-Free bakery, dedicated to providing 100% plant-based treats from the raw ingredients to the production environment.

As HappyCow's Top Rated Vegan Bakery in Central Singapore, we take immense pride in offering cakes that are not only SAFE for vegetarian, eggless, and dairy-free diets but also free from any form of animal products.

No honey, gelatine, egg, dairy, or their by-products like cow's milk, cheese, yogurt, caseinate, milk solids, or whey proteins are included in our creations.

At Delcie's, food safety is paramount. We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers and handle our production chain with care.

Our skilled staff undergo rigorous training and education, ensuring every cake is crafted to perfection for specific diets.

Indulge in our Eggless cakes with peace of mind, knowing that they are not only healthier but also 100% trans-fat and cholesterol-free.

For those seeking diabetic-friendly options, some of our best-selling eggless items come in diabetic-friendly versions too.

Your safety and satisfaction matter to us. Should you have any queries or specific dietary needs, do consult our team.

Delcie's Desserts is here to create a world of delightful possibilities for everyone, without compromising on taste, quality, and well-being.