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Join our upcoming workshops and delight in an afternoon tea session at our cafe.

Bring a partner, and each pax pays only $100, inclusive of desserts and drinks.

Limited to 8 persons per class for an intimate afternoon tea experience with our trainer, hosted by Sensitive Chef Delcie.

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Afternoon Tea Topic:
Creating a 3D Moss and Air Plant Frame Workshop with Daniel Goh
$120 per pax / $200 for 2 pax

2 hours session (2pm - 4pm)
Registration starts at 1.30pm

The 3D Moss and Air Plant Frame Workshop is a creative and engaging event that combines art, nature, and design. Participants will have the opportunity to create beautiful and unique frames adorned with vibrant moss and delicate air plants. This workshop is perfect for individuals interested in exploring nature-inspired art and incorporating greenery into their living spaces. The following description provides an outline of the workshop flow and the materials required.

Introduction and Inspiration:
The workshop begins with a brief introduction, setting the context and goals of the session.
Participants are introduced to the concept of moss and air plant frames, exploring their aesthetic appeal and potential benefits.

Materials and Tools:
The facilitator presents the necessary materials and tools required for the workshop, which may include:
Picture frames (preferably with a deep profile to accommodate the plants)
Sphagnum moss or preserved moss sheets
Air plants (Tillandsia species)
Floral wire or hot glue gun
Wire cutters and scissors
Spray bottle filled with water

The facilitator provides a step-by-step demonstration of the frame assembly process.
Participants are shown how to prepare the moss and securely attach it to the frame.
They learn various techniques for arranging air plants within the frame, ensuring stability and visual appeal.

Hands-on Practice:
Participants are given the opportunity to work on their own frames.
The facilitator provides individual guidance and assistance as needed.
Attendees can experiment with different moss arrangements, consider color combinations, and explore creative plant placements.

Maintenance and Care:
The importance of plant care and maintenance is discussed.
Participants receive guidance on watering air plants and maintaining an appropriate environment for their growth.
Tips for preserving the moss and keeping the frame looking fresh are shared.

Discussion and Q&A:
A group discussion takes place, allowing participants to share their experiences, ask questions, and exchange ideas.
The facilitator addresses any concerns or queries regarding moss and air plant care, as well as design considerations.

The workshop concludes with a recap of the key concepts covered.
Participants are encouraged to take their completed moss and air plant frames home and enjoy them as unique pieces of living art.

Benefits of the Workshop:

Participants gain hands-on experience in creating a unique natural art piece.
They learn about the benefits of incorporating plants into indoor spaces.
The workshop provides a creative outlet and encourages artistic expression.
Attendees receive practical knowledge about moss and air plant care.
The workshop fosters a sense of connection with nature and promotes well-being.

The 3D Moss and Air Plant Frame Workshop offers an opportunity to explore the world of botanical art and create a stunning living display. By combining natural elements with artistic design, participants can craft personalized frames that serve as both home decor and sources of inspiration. This workshop provides a memorable experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and nurtures participants' creative spirit.

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