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Top 5 Gluten-Free Dining in Singapore - mariefranceasia.com

Looking for gluten free food can be very painful in Singapore. Luckily, Marie France Asia had helped listed a couple of suggestion which you can consider dining in if you have gluten allergy or is gluten intolerance.

As featured by Marie France Asia online portal, Delcie’s is being listed as the Top 5 Gluten Free place to dine in Singapore.

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Here are some of the gluten free menu we serve in the store. As we are vegan by default, all our gluten free cakes and desserts are also vegan too.

GLUTEN FREE MENU ~ besides being vegan, this menu is wheat-free and gluten free*.

Add a scoop of vegan & gluten free ice cream (choice of chocolate (100cal) /strawberry (90 cal) /vanilla (60 cal) $4
Gluten Free Banana chocolate tea-cake slice (203cal) $5
Gluten Free Nutty ice cream dessert (choice of chocolate/berry) (265cal) $7.80
Gluten Free Mud fudge slice cake (239cal) $9
Gluten Free Banana hot fudge slice (207cal) $9
Gluten Free Fudge brownie (321cal) $5
Gluten Free Molten Chocolate Cupcakes $8
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies $4