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White Smash Cake (customised)

From $88.00 Onwards

For 5in/7in round size only. 
All cakes comes in default white square board.

Placement of add-ons will be determined by chefs.

If you have nut allergy, request for nut-free separation processing to reduce the risk. If selected, we will take extra precaution to reduce the risk of cross contact by using separate equipment and tools designated for nut-free production.

Toppers are packed separately for your own insert into cake.

For kitchen use only. Any special request has to be approved by kitchen before submission. Additional charges applies.

Celebrate your baby's first birthday in a delicious and minimalistic style with our Baby-Friendly Birthday Smash Cake. Choose from a variety of baby-friendly flavors and create a memorable moment with a cake that is both scrumptious and health-conscious.

Made with only the finest ingredients, our smash cake is vegan, diabetes-friendly, and suitable for your little one, making it the perfect choice for any family-only gathering.

The 5-inch round size is just right for a small celebration, and you can customize it further by adding fresh fruits or herbs to complete the rustic theme.

Make your baby's first birthday celebration one to remember with a delightful and thoughtful treat. Order our Baby-Friendly Birthday Smash Cake today!

  • *Height of the final cake may vary based on the flavour chosen - estimate height 2.5in-3in tall
  • *Final cake price will be determined by your choice of flavours and options.

  • *Default Naked cream colour depends on the flavours and cream filling used for the flavour selected. 

Refer to https://delcies.com/category/cakes/whole-cakes for individual flavour and its most updated ingredient listing. 

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