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Celebrate special occasions with healthy, baby-friendly
cakes from Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes for guilt-free enjoyment!


Cake is a sinful indulgence, with one slice packing up calories that needs weeks to burn off. This is because cakes contain hideous amounts of sugar, butter and other ingredients that add up fat, and cholesterol in our body.  For babies whose digestive and immune system has not yet matured and for people with sensitive tummies or other health restrictions, cakes can be a strict no –no because of the presence of common allergens such as eggs, milk ingredients, nuts and chocolates. This is the reason why ironically, babies are unable to consume the cake ordered to celebrate their first birthday!

Delcie’s Desserts & Cakes has been baking healthy cakes for the health-conscious since the year 2008 and have a range of cake options for vegetarians, vegans, those with dietary restrictions and those who are lactose intolerant. Delcie’s also specializes in baking baby-friendly cakes. As, some ingredients such as honey, un-pasteurized juices, raw foods, soft cheeses and nuts can be dangerous for babies and cause allergic reactions and botulism, Delcie’s team are mindful not to use any of these in their range of baby-friendly cakes.

For babies who are yet to be introduced to wheat or have gluten-allergy, Delcie’s has Gluten- free cake menu too.  Free from eggs, dairy products, raw food, chocolates and nuts; Delcie’s Cakes can be safely given to little ones without guilt or fear.

Delcie’s cakes are also free from cane-sugar thus low on empty calories. Some of their baby friendly cakes such as the Blue forest one is certified low G.I. The cakes and desserts are also free from emulsifiers, stabilizers, egg-substitutes, whey proteins and chemicals commonly used in baking cakes. Despite the lack of “important baking ingredients”, Delcie’s cakes are delightfully sumptuous and are also perfect for cake smashing photo-taking!

Delcie’s Desserts is committed to providing healthy yet tasty options to customers and shunning the common belief that healthy food is bland or tasteless. Through its healthy ingredients and healthy processes, Delcie’s has been baking traditional cakes and desserts such as red forest, mud fudge, pineapple tarts, mooncakes, and durian cakes  with the same taste, albeit healthier!

In Year 2011, Delcie’s Desserts were the first awarded “Healthier Bakery Award” by Singapore Health Promotion Board. The accolades continued through the years where they were ranked “Top 16 Vegan Bakeries” in the world by OneGreenPlanet organization, “Most Innovative” award from Heartland Enterprise Start Award, “Top 3 Cake shops in Kallang“.

For Delcie’s full range of baby-friendly cakes, visit https://delcies.shopcada.site/category/cakes/babies.


Order A Baby Friendly Cake Now!


Order A Baby Friendly Cake Now!