Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who have what it takes to run our unique business. Here are the prerequisite requirements:

  1. Tasted our cakes and love it
  2. Believe in healthy living
  3. Goal oriented
  4. Have supportive family and friends
  5. Excellent customer service skills
  6. Entrepreneurial mindset
  7. Has sufficient start-up capital to set up and run a retail outlet or cafe
  8. Willing to take initiative to sell and market the products
  9. Willing and able to recruit, manage and motivate own staff members
  10. Willing and able to manage the business full-time

Contact us by writing to if you think you have the capability to run a successful niche business.

4 thoughts on “Franchise Opportunity

    1. Hi there, all our cakes are vegan (eggless and dairy free) so they are suitable for all vegetarians. We do use Halal ingredients.

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