Our Passion in Healthier Baking

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes is Singapore’s first and only homegrown Vegan Bakery is a one-stop bakery and cake shop that offers customized healthy bakes to suit clients of all ages, allergies, medical condition and special dietary lifestyle requirements.



Founded by Sensitive Chef Delcie Lam with the objective to ensure every celebratory occasion to be all-inclusive for everyone, the bakery specializes in taking care of their customer’s health by offering delicious yet nutritional bakes that is safe for anyone, even those with specific diets.

Through research and clinical tests and working with ingredient replacements with natural substitutes, Delcie has successfully eliminated the need for animal fats and common allergen products enabling products to be vegan, free of cholesterol and trans-fat yet great tasting.

Since establishment, the bakery is famed for its perennial favorites such as Banana Chocolate Fudge cake, Baby Friendly cakes, Ketogenic Rochers Chocolate Gianduja Balls and a wide range festive inspired bakes for occasions such as Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas etc.

DELCIE’S Brand’s Promise

  • Dedicated to Empower Knowledge in Healthy Living and Eating
  • Excellence Quality and Using Premium Healthy Ingredients
  • Listen and react positively on Customers’ Valuable Feedbacks
  • Consistency in creating Healthy and Good Tasting Products
  • Innovating Research and Development
  • Endless Possibilities is our belief at heart
  • Safe for People with Specific Diet Requirements

With this assurance, there’s no better place to go than Delcie’s Desserts. Look forward to hearing from you if you share the same vision!

Why Delcie's?

Delcie’s Dessert is a franchising opportunity occupying a unique niche in this ever-growing industry where health is in of utmost importance.

Through continuous product Research & Development, modern production technology, comprehensive product training and strong marketing, Delcie’s Desserts offers you the assurance that you have the right foundation to build a successful bakery business.

Excellent and Certified Products

The success of Delcie’s Desserts begins with understanding the needs of our customers.

Behind every product is a proprietary unique recipe that has been trialed and developed exclusively by Sensitive Chef Delcie. This would be the crucial entry barrier against competitors. These creations are also taken a step further through testing by independent facilities ensuring they are certified Low GI and safe for consumption even for customers on special medical diets.

Operations Efficiency and Training

Through a decade of maintaining a market leader position, understand from Delcie how to maximize operational and ingredient efficiencies through production planning, distribution scheduling and product knowledge and baking techniques with follow through hands on training for staff at point of sale level conducted exclusively by Delcie.

Advertising and Promotional Support

With a team of in house marketing and creative team, Delcie’s Desserts is on the constant evolution to coordinate advertising and promotions to build the brand name, concept development and support franchises in the development of marketing activities.


Hi there, all our cakes are vegan (eggless and dairy free) so they are suitable for all vegetarians. We do use Halal ingredients.

Hi there! My name is Aaron from Via Media,
I have gotten your contact from Gracelyn (Singseesoon).

I’m contacting you with regards to a potential
marketing campaign that my company intends to run on behalf of our two clients:
Tan Studio Pte Ltd (https://www.tanstudio.com.sg/) and Consentino (https://www.cosentino.com/en-sg)

We are running a combined video marketing campaign to promote both brands simultaneously on social media and website platforms and would want to enquire if you would be interested in being involved as well.

We intend to conduct a video shoot to show how design (by Tan studio) meets function (counter tops by consentino) and hope to include your brand to further showcase the functionality of the kitchen.

The kitchen is not a live kitchen, therefore we thought that
having a dessert chef in the video would be perfect.

Project details:
Shoot: End February
Video Campaign Launch: 1st week March 2020
Targeted audience: Singaporeans, living in Singapore, aged 20-45 Years Old
Estimated Reach: 100,000 Unique video views in 2 months

The video would be free to use on your platforms, and your brand would be featured on both pages as well.

Do let me know if you need more information about this project, and I hope that you would be interested in participating in our marketing campaign.

Hope to hear from you soon! (:

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