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4 Mooncakes Box Set - Spiral Teochew Pandan Lotus with Peach Gum Snow Fungus (Vegan, Cane Sugarfree)

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Our popular Spiral pandan lotus mooncakes get a facelift and nourishing boost.

  • 4 piece x Spiral Flaky Pandan Lotus with Peach Gum Snow Fungus (Cane Sugar-Free)

A nourishing combo of peach gum, white fungus and lotus all in one bite. Made with premium-grade peach gum and snow fungus, this collagen boost is guaranteed to please as one enjoys this dessert in a flaky traditional Teochew pastry. Every element is slow-cooked with pandan leaves, cane sugar-free and individually crafted by our loving pastry team.

Note: Best consumed toasted, warm in toaster oven. All our mooncake are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They contain wheat, gluten, peanuts and nuts sources.

For diabetics, please consume sugar-free mooncake in moderation and accordingly to 1 serving size (1/4 piece) as they still contain calories.

Wheat Flour, Canola Oil, Soya Oil, Lotus Seed, Maltitol, Peanut Oil, Pandan, Peach Gum, Snow (white) Fungus, Allulose

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