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Why do we blow candles on birthday cakes?

I recently came back from an amazing experiential study trip to Germany.
Let me tell you, some German companies had left such an inspiring impression on me! 💭 
We're talking about RitterSport, Sennheiser, Faber Castell, Airbus, Lamy, and Leica.
These guys have been around from generation to generation.
They had never steered away from their core value and have been focusing on producing top-notch products in their respective industries.
Focus is exactly what we've been doing at Delcie's for the past 14 years.
We fully dedicated ourselves to baking only the healthiest cakes and desserts. 🎂🌿 
So, if someone asks me to bake a regular cake, I'll have to send them to another bakery because that's not our expertise.
We're all about baking good cakes that are good for you❤️, not the other way around! 😅
Anyways, here is a fun fact I learnt in Germany!

Have you ever wondered why we blow candles before cutting a cake?

Well, back in the 15th century AD, German bakeries introduced single-layered cakes for birthday celebrations, breaking the myth that cakes were only meant for weddings. 
This led to the tradition of cutting a cake on birthdays.
(side track, Black Forest cake is originally from Germany too 🤤)
But before cutting, candles on cakes became popular in Germany too because candles symbolized "the light of life" for religious reasons.
Fast forward to today, we celebrate every milestone and special occasion with a cake.
A cake brings family and friends together and commemorates a year of life experiences, where beautiful moments like this are then captured in photos as memories.
There's this belief that the celebrated person should make a 🤫 silent wish before blowing out the candles.
If they manage to blow out all the candles in one breath, their wish will come true, and they'll have good luck throughout the year. HUAT AH! 🍀
It's true that post-COVID, blowing out candles has become a bit controversial, especially among the more formal folks who worry about sharing germs. 
But within our own families, I'm sure we're all united in this tradition! 🤣
Actually, many childcare no longer allows candle-blowing during celebrations.
Instead, they opt for simple cake distribution to enjoy during tea breaks. 
Thankfully, we've been serving individual-covered cupcakes for the past 10 years, which has been a real saviour for parents, especially post-COVID period.
In fact, recently, I visited MyFirstSkool, to talk to the kindergarteners about baking as a profession.
During the session, we will engage in a fun activity where the children can learn healthy baking ingredients and decorate their own healthy cupcakes.🥰🎉🧁 
If your child's school or company is keen to engage me for a session, just ping me here. I'll be more than happy to do some sharing activities for your community. 
Alright, enough of my rambling!
Just wanted to share some cake-filled fun and remind you to make your celebrations extra special.
Have a fun healthy day ahead!🤗🌹🙏